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7th Rise, Cornwall

the treehouse
Fishing, foraging, canoeing, bush craft + a Treehouse! Fun survival courses for all - Good for groups of 15-20. Hosted by Thom Hunt of Channel 4
Cornwall, England


7th Rise is a traditional Cornish nature experience nestled in a wonderfully magical and secluded corner of Cornwall, beside the River Fal. Guests (or castaways as they are more affectionately known) are given the opportunity to experience the great outdoors first hand, learn how to read it, learn how to eat it and learn how to survive it. Accommodation is offered in a Hunting Lodge, Treehouse, Houseboat, Log barn and bell tent. Great for occasions, corporate events, Stag dos, or individuals and small groups.

Upon arrival on the "island", only accessible by boat, castaways instantly realise that their adventure has begun. As they stand on the jetty and see nothing besides water and woodland – that’s when they know that they’re truly secluded, un-contactable and have nothing but adventure and excitement ahead of them.

Established in 2012 by Thom “the hunter” Hunt of Channel 4’s 3 Hungry Boys, 7th Rise is the UK’s first and only authentic outdoor experience provider, offering guests the wonderfully unique opportunity to learn how to fish, forage and cook wild food. There is an outdoor kitchen, Driftwood bar, shooting range, hammock village, potting shed, herb patch, veg patch and chicken coop too.

From day courses to weekend stays, week long stays and bespoke courses, 7th Rise works with their guests to meet their individual needs, ensuring they take away with them new and valuable skills.

During a weekend stay castaways can expect to learn how and why to start a fire, chop wood to fuel that fire, how to prepare wild food for the table and new ‘outdoor’ cookery skills. Knife skills, shooting and Canadian canoeing are also offered.

A huge draw to this location is the river and the wildlife it attracts. Castaways at 7th Rise are extremely lucky to regularly see swans, otters, seals and dolphins! Under the surface, 7th Rise boasts plenty of marine wild life ranging from muscles, to clams, to Cornish oysters, crabs, trout, mackerel, bass and much, much more. Plenty to keep any discerning fisherman or explorer content.

All this aside, what makes 7th Rise truly special is its noticeable and distinct lack of technology. You’ll find no television in the cosy and intimate sitting room, no landline telephone, no mobile phones (those guests are made to surrender upon arrival), no laptops, tablets, kindles…no screens at all. Instead they are met by one radio, playing all the greatest hits broadcast by the local pirate radio station and books… shelf after shelf of books - and people. Who talk. Who talk to each other – face to face!

Technology is very quickly forgotten at 7th Rise – set within 16 acres of ancient oak woodland there’s simply far too much to see, do and explore - trees to climb, fish to be caught, wild animals to spot, food and fungi to identify and gather and meals to be cooked.

Prices start from £275 per person for a weekend stay (with activities, ingredients, accommodation, equipment and refreshments included.)

There is a 3 night minimum stay for individuals. 7th Rise specializes in accommodating groups of 15-20 people.

Please click the Website link above to get in touch.

Room Types:

  • Accommodation for 5+
  • Dorm


  • Medium £85-£220
  • High > £220

Nearest Airport: Newquay


  • Car parking
  • Bar
  • Pets Welcome
  • Extra Activities
  • Dinner included
view from the treehouse
Thom teaching successful fishing techniques
wood chopping
Relaxing in Hammock Village
firepit and cottage
activities for Corporate events
7th rise is good for Stag parties
dorm style accommodation

Perfect adventure weekend!
by Marc Andrews
on May 23, 2013
7th Rise is a truly special place which provides you with not only a great outdoor experience but a sense of calmness! Not only does it deliver an array of well structured outdoor pursuits, you can unwind and enjoy both the beautiful surroundings and buzz that this awesome cottage in the woods gives off! If your looking for the perfect outdoor get away. Meet some awesome people or just enjoy a weekend in the woods 7th Rise has it all! It's a guarantee that you will enjoy every aspect of what it offers, through knowledge and skill to campfire stories! It's not just a must for lovers of the outdoors it's an experience for anyone to enjoy and I for one have come away itching to get back down there after an uplifting experience!
The magic of 7th Rise
by Jenny Sibthorp
on May 23, 2013
I'm not sure any words can do 7th Rise justice but I fell in love the moment I saw the cottage. It is an incredible place that depends on the brilliant people who go there to grow and inspire creativity. Taking you back to nature, giving you time to relax and explore, this cottage truly becomes your own for the time you spend there. I've been twice now and as soon as I leave I want to go straight back again!
Thank you Thom!
by Anne Whittle
on May 23, 2013
Thank you so much for making my 60th birthday weekend so special. 7th Rise is a magical experience and thanks to all your knowledge and expertise we have all learnt so much. Thank you for everything you taught us, we have all taken something back with us. We are no longer afraid of tackling a whole rabbit or a whole fish, in fact Chris and I are planning a visit to our local game butcher so we can have another go! It was lovely to spend a weekend with you, you are inspirational and we hope that 7th Rise continues to work it's magic for everyone lucky enough to stay with you.