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A night in Madrid

madridbynightEn route elsewhere we drove to Madrid for a night before the off. This time we choose to stay close to Atocha Station which meant minimal driving into the city and I do like to explore a different corner each time I visit. Erik Vokel Apartments were northern European sleek with a couple of arty touches. I decided they aren't really quirky enough for our directory at QA but a good option. The staff are very friendly and there was a large jacuzzi/small pool in a decked area with sunloungers - much appreciated on a Spanish summers day. There are 2 locations of these apartments in Madrid, these were the Atocha Suites.

The SatNav got thoroughly lost and we ended up driving around the bohemian neighbourhood of Lavapies with its graffiti art and pretty narrow streets full of life and washing limp in the hot air overhead. Eventually we reached our place to a warm welcome and parked up beneath.


Once refreshed we took a short stroll to Museo de Reina Sofia. There are free admission times at most museums so its worth checking that out when making plans. We started to explore the Post Modernism floor with various exhibits from the 60s-80s. Then importantly (to me) absorbed the sorrow of Picasso's Guernica, found amidst Miró and flicking screens of some old movies. These grabbed the attention of my children more than anything (of course they love anything on the tellie!)

hamiltonThere was a temporary exhibition of Richard Hamilton (who I admit I hadn't heard of before) - the inventor of Pop Art, inspiration of Andy Warhol I learnt. We watched a film about his reconstruction of The Large Glass. Then we were out wandering the Retiro before dinner, being pushed determinedly by the kids passed the door of Museo Nacional del Prado. This would be too much, they declared while demanding icecreams to compensate for the cultural trauma put upon them.

Dinner I will brush over. We had chosen a vegetarian place called Al Natural but we all felt that they took the healthy angle a little too far for the taste buds. 

All this was interspersed with dosing my daughter with earache medicine and pain relief and the 'will we/wont we be able to fly tomorrow' debate. Madrid is not a bad place but it would be a disappointment if exchanged for Thailand. (I'm pleased to say the Gods were with us, and she was miraculously cured by morning!)






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