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Camino del Rey - A Special Walk

camino5The Camino Del Rey was once - back in XX Century - a precarious cliff edge path used by workers maintaining the waterway for a hydroeelectric power plant. But as time went on the path fell into terrible disrepair.

In 1953 the path was renamed in memory of a visit from King Alfonso XIII back in 1921 - Caminito del Rey. It became known for its steep drops, stunning valley backdrop and crumbling narrow track clinging fraily to the sheer rockfaces. Thrill seekers came to climb, enjoying the risk factor. The danger was real - some fell to their death. Because of this it was deemed necessary to close access to the path back in 2000 after 2 fatal accidents.

In recent times the Camino del Rey has been reopened after a new wider and secure path has been built above the old. Since 2015 visitors are coming to enjoy the beauty of the location and to take the historic walk, peering over the edge at the broken original path below. Now hard hats are issued, and although it is an exciting experience there is no need to fear anything.

camino1Visitors are restricted to time slots so even on peak days the walk is not very overcrowded - but do book in advance to be sure of a place. You can slow up to let others get ahead of you and enjoy the views and imagine with wonder how it once was. You start at the Northern access and the whole route is no more than 6-7km depending on your entrance point. At the end bus' will take you back to your car. Its all very well organised and far from the radical experience it once was - but definately worth doing!

No under 8s or pets. Take good footwear, water and sunscreen and don't leave the path.

See full information and book your tickets at www.caminitodelrey.info