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Camp Bestival

campbOh wonderful Camp Bestival - the place where childhood dreams are made real, and fun and laughter is everywhere. How delightful to be at a beautiful place - in the grounds of Lulworth Castle in Dorset - with friends and family, face paint and glitter, music and shows and with the best gift of all - the sunshine. Parents wheel small children around in colourful carts or on their shoulders, dancing together - and everywhere you see people, who I'm sure live very ordinary lives normally, being a little bit outrageous - dressed up in fantasy outfits or adorned with florescent lights, flowers and wacky make-up. This is a long weekend of healthy escapism that does everyone the world of good.

To come to a child-friendly festival is something extra special, as although it is perfectly acceptable to party on, you are excused the very harsh realities seen at more hardcore festivals that you may not wish to share with your little loved ones. The toilets aren't quite so horrible either.

bluecoatsDip into the surrounding woodlands and workshops and you see kids up trees or building boats, earnestly creating a metal necklace for a mum, or showing off their wigs on the entertaining Blue Coats' stage. There is a blow-up chapel where you can get 'wed' to woops and cheers. Yoga classes, spin painting, fair rides and even a hot tub experience on the top of a double decker bus...Camp Bestival oozes positivity from every pore.

There are acts in the afternoons for kids - like Cat in the Hat and Dick & Dom, but plenty of stuff to entertain the adults too. Quite scary to see blue comedy with a mixed age audience! If we had been more organised we could have ran from one act to another but instead we were relaxed, supping on beer or Pimms, getting a tan and enjoying whatever came before us - Clean Bandit, Bob Geldof, Alison Moet, Kaiser Chiefs and Underworld - and we did manage to sneak off to have a full on leap around in the dance tent too. On the last night I cajouled my husband to go back to camp with the kids. He had got 'lost' every evening so I did feel it was my turn! I stumbled across the Dub Pistols who were bliming amazing. There was something here to please us all.

The grand finale of fireworks bursting from the top of the castle was an appropriately dramatic end.