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Check List Before Departure

packingI've just finished packing my bag for China and ran through my Check List. I'll share it with you here for your next overseas trip.

1.   The Essentials. Passport - Tickets - Bank card - Bit of cash - Phone - Camera

2.   For me almost as important - my book. (Think entertainment - iPad / kindle / sudoku / music. You likely to be doing some hanging around.)

3.   CHARGERS! And don't leave them plugged in at the first stop. And converter plugs.

4.   A copy of your passport and visa (keep them separate from your passport itself) / Travel insurance document / Number to call if you loose your bank card...

5.   Inform your bank where you are going or on first use your card will get blocked and you will be up $h*£ creek.

6.   Clothes / Wash bag / Good shoes / Undies ...the usual. Take things that mix and match, something for if you are stuck in air-conditioning even if in a hot country, things that layer well. Think through each thing you will be doing so you don't forget something vital. You will need less things than you think - if you are a woman at least.

7.   Pack a mini medical kit just in case. Insect spray, sunscreen, headache pills, plasters, dioralyte sachets...

8.   Leave a little space in case you buy something to bring home.

9.   Set up Skype on your phone so you can give people a ring cheaply.

10. Can I just add, now that I am back from said trip, put in a raincoat and a jumper in case of unexpected bad weather!