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Clover Spa and The Hotel Inspector

cloverspaThe build up was over. Half way through The Hotel Inspector's first show of the new season I saw myself on the screen.

I'd been invited to Clover Spa & Hotel in Birmingham to promote my unusual accommodation website and voice my impressions of the hotel. As Britain's first naturist hotel it firmly fitted into QuirkyAccom's criteria of being different. I was delighted to add it to the directory.

We were straight in at the deep end. Tim, the amiable owner, showed us around in the nude. During the next couple of days being surrounded by naked people became old hat - not that it made me feel the need to join in. Apart from a dip in the hot tub my robe stayed firmly on. A naked spa experience is one thing - wandering around the hotel corridors and eating with nothing on is quite another. Apart from a dig from one hardy naturist, everyone was very relaxed and accepting of our chosen limits.

Two months on, I was biting my lip waiting to see how I had been portrayed on the show. As the programme unravelled on screen I was fairly pleased with how I came across, despite looking sour-faced over the processed food! But what was a total letdown was being introduced as a journalist, which I am not, and the failure to mention the wonderful website that is QuirkyAccom.  It was the reason I had put myself in front of the cameras at a naked garden party in the first place!

alexI suppose I need to put this down as an experience.  People don't always fulfil their promises and that is a shame.  Hopefully some other shining knight will appear to bring QuirkyAccom to the attention of a deserving public.

I wonder how Tim is feeling about the show.  Hopefully it will bring him enough exposure to produce new clients to keep him afloat. I felt that in the scene where he slips into the hot tub naked alongside Alex, the presenter, that he was portrayed in an unfairly perverted light. His aim is to provide a naturist location free from sexual connotations. If he were to take a more overtly naughty route, including swingers parties for example, or if he relaxed his nudity rules to encourage 'newbies' and those who would be happy with a clothes-free spa experience I'm sure he would do better business.  But Tim is standing by his naturist principles.  I believe by adding a bit of warmth and low lighting to the public areas and serving up simple home cooked food and salads he could greatly improve his chances of success.  Good luck to him!

For more details of Clover Spa & Hotel click here.

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