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Enjoy the Spanish Fiestas ....while they last


I love the Spanish peoples' sense of fun. They really know how to have a good time.

Come and join in one of their unique events - every town and village will celebrate a weeks fiestas every year - plus other historic events will be reinacted too! Everyone is welcome - young and old. You may need to adjust your time clock to make the most of it. Dine at 10, go to a bar at 12, and dance in the streets til dawn - so that afternoon siesta will be essential.

There will be live music, bangers and fireworks, fancy dress and groups of every generation out - together and celebrating. Within this apparent chaos there are very specific timetable and way of doing things, rules that cannot be broken. But everyone knows the way it is and it doesn't interfere with the fun.

We had the priviledge of being included in the Fallas this year as my daughter became a fallera. This meant that she dressed in a very specific way, and had hair coiled at expense everyday, in the style of the 17th century girls who would have paraded the streets over hundreds of years at this same time. My daughter has been here since she was 2 years old, so clearly feels very Spanish herself, but we felt lucky to be welcomed into this historic event and assisted by various friends to 'get it right'. Fallas only occurs in the Valencia region from the 15th to 19th March, a few intense days of little sleep ending with large satirical figures burning in the streets.


atMalaga is considered to be one of The Best places to be for the Easter processions. Although somber and religous, they are spectacular and elaborate - drawing huge crowds. Apparently people pay around €80 for a chair on one of the main streets (like the Alameda) but we couldn't imagine the teens being chuffed as sitting still for hours on end. We got lucky with an apartment in that same street that had windows looking out on a side street where the processions entered. We had the perfect view of it all while in the comfort of 'home'. When we went out at midnight the streets were still packed and the parades continued. Lots of action into the early hours.


mal2I highly recommend incorporating a fiesta or some sort into your Spanish holiday. There is often some sort of visual extravaganza going on! Its worth going to the Tourist Information on arrival to find out. Of course staying in the middle of a city or town while an event is happening can be a busy and noisy experience. Be prepared to be out revelling like a local into the early hours and for early morning wake up calls with fireworks - and bring earplugs. The locals don't seem to need a lot of sleep!

It is possible that in future, under a different political party, that these events could be scraped. So make the most of what makes this country truly unique while it lasts.

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