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Filming The Hotel Inspector

alexAn email came through that at least distracted me from our robbery disaster.  Could I be in Birmingham within days for the filming of The Hotel Inspector?  Although excited by the idea, this definately wasn't within my comfort zone - especially as the theme was Naturism.  I began to wish I had done a few more sit-ups in the gym. 

As I like to think of myself as open-minded and an adventurer I would be cheating myself, and QuirkyAccom, if I didn't accept the challenge.  Luckily my colleague and friend Zoe was keen to come along.  Phew, I wouldn't have to face the cameras and the naturist community alone.

As soon as we arrived at Clover Spa and Hotel, in the residential outskirts of Birmingham, the cameras were on us.  We were shown around by our welcoming, naked host Tim.  Unfortunately the impressive newly-renovated garden didn't look its best in the drizzle. At dinner we, and the other 2 guests invited to promote this event, stayed firmly in our robes despite the heat that would have made it much more comfortable to remove them.

gardenFor the next day a garden party had been arranged; an enthusiastic gathering of naturists happily discarding their clothes to support the hotel.  The pressure was on to de-robe.  Alex, the presenter, appeared and filled the place with her exuberant warmth and fun.  There was a lot of hanging about and repeating ourselves for the filming at first but before long the pimms and bubbly were smoothing the way to a fleshy fiestas.  It was interesting to chat with and understand the people that search out opportunities to strip off. I was surprised to find myself so at home surrounded by nudity on all sides, but occasionally did feel like I'd entered some parallel universe.  I tried to maintain eye-contact!

By the end of the day it felt pretty amazing to be clothed again. I realised I like filmingexpressing myself through clothing. Superficial as it is, it creates individuality and says a lot about you.  However I'm sure that the naturists would say the same about their skin.

You probably know if you are a confirmed naturist or not.  It's a feeling, very strong in some people, which leaves you with no doubt.  I don't have it.  But, without the cameras, I could enjoy a continental-style spa with my partner and perhaps this middle ground is where a large chunk of the market for a hotel/spa would lie.  In many countries in Europe, for example Germany, swimwear is never part of a spa experience. And the Romans were happily doing this 2 thousand years ago.  Perhaps modern day Britains should relax a little and loose their inhibitions.

Otherwise can the naturist community, numbering about 11,000 in the UK, fill this hotel?  This is Tim's aim and I hope he pulls it off. Naturism certainly seems to promote a healthy approval of the body, whatever shape it is, and that has to be a good thing.

Did I dare to bare in Birmingham?  Wait to see the show on June 12th to find out.

Clover Spa & Hotel (click here for full details) offers quality accommodation and spa facilities and a great garden in Birmingham.  Tim, the owner, is following his naturist dream and wishes to share it with you!