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For the Love of Brighton

graffitiartYou may feel a sense of deja-vu here as I have blogged about Brighton before. Brighton and Valencia are my favourite cities and I make sure I visit them every year so they do get a bit of an airing here now and again.

This year we stayed in the Artist Residence with its funky, new-look decor and cool cocktail bar and restaurant. Our room was in the basement which did feel a little like a dungeon to get to, although lovely inside with a cabin like wooden room for the kids and a small terrace. It was noisy at night from the bar and in the morning as the staff used storage outside it. I admit I am a light sleeper and they did their best not to disturb. As a family of 4 we couldn't fit in the upstairs rooms. Our friends took the front basement room which has 2 sets of clever bunks that decend from the walls if need be and a comfortable sitting area.

The bar is a popular Brighton haunt so a good place to be, and does close at midnight, but unsurprisingly doesn't make this the most peaceful hotel before that. I'm sure any childless people staying here would be out until that time anyway in a place like Brighton, brimming with fun nightstops. But having said that the staff made the kids feel extremely welcome. The delicious cooked breakfast delighted us all.

I couldn't resist a visit to my old favourite, Hotel Pelirocco, also in Regency Square. They have been updating the place and it is looking shiny and new. There is something special about the atmosphere here, very personable staff. They have a fun bar, colourful decor and music themed rooms. Very Brighton.

Overlooking this historic square, that looks out to sea, now looms the beginning of the Brighton i360, not looking very pretty at the moment but I'm sure that will improve. In 2016, when this is completed, you will be able to reach its 162 m tip in an observation viewing platform. Beneath it in the arches are some arty little shops that are worth a stroll past. And on this visit I had a wonderful time walking the North Lanes from the station all the way down to the pier where the children were placated with a wrist band for all the rides.






As friends of ours have moved to 'the other side', Kemp Town, to the left of the pier we spent more time there this time. This part is more 'real', it is said, with a bit less polish but with its own charm. We were so lucky to have beautiful sunshine for our whole stay and found the beach at this end not so packed for our lazy Sunday barbeque. At this end of town try the Potting Parlour for fabulous cocktails and cool decor, Busby & Wilds for great Sunday roasts and sticky toffee pudding, and the casual Fish & Liquor is right on the seafront and has cartoon covered walls.

The place to stay at this end of town is Snooze Guest House. Nicely finished retro rooms and a communal area.

Pics below from left - Me very happy in the North Lanes / shiney new loos at the Hotel Pelirocco / informal dining area at the Artist Residence