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Futuristic Travel (part 2) - On Earth

alpineFor those wanting to take 'a small step for man', whilst keeping their feet closer to the ground, there are some interesting options.

Alpine Capsule - Alpine Dolomites, Italy - is an 8 metre wide double-glass bubble with special reflective coating which has been designed by Ross Lovegrove.  Being totally transparent from the inside means the visitor can be safe and warm whilst feeling part of their remote and beautiful surroundings.  The capsule will be completely energy independent. Construction is underway.

ufoTreehotel UFO - Harads, Sweden - click - One of 5 uniquely designed treehouse rooms hidden in the forest, close to the Arctic Circle, is the UFO.  A metal pod that sleeps 4 on 2 floors, only lacks the 'beam me up' entry.

Space Camp - US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama - This is a 5 day program with activities which include training simulators and lectures on space exploration and equipment to simulate moon, Mars and asteroid missions.

Yotel, New York City - Previously known for short-stay compact rooms within the airport terminal at Heathrow click and Gatwick and Amsterdam Schiphol, Yotel has also opened an affordable cabin accommodation option in New York close to Times Square.  Moving beds and futuristic design make you feel like you could be sleeping on the USS Enterprise.  There's even a 'yobot' to organise luggage.

fullmoonFull Moon Hotel - Baku, Azerbaijan - This futuristic hotel has been in construction since 2008 and will cost an estimated $250 million.  Its 382 rooms are being formed within an ultra-modern rounded disc with a hole that radically changes in appearance depending on which angle you see it from.  The hotel, which faces the Caspian Sea, also has 2 skyscrappers and the dramatic arch of The Crescent Hotel will be in view from across the water.

A rotating hotel is to be built on Solta Island in Croatia to ensure everyone is happy with their view, at least some of the time.

Forget the Hindenburg, could there be plans for eco-friendly Airships to once again become a novel way to travel our plant? The Hindenburg used hydrogen as lifting gas whereas new crafts could use helium that does not burn.  But I gather that airship concepts that have been announced are just design ideas or publicity stunts, for now at least.

Seymour Powell's Aircruise - Talk of a giant, vertical airship powered by natural energy and designed to carry travellers in style and luxury is apparently a hoax.

cloudThe Strato Cruiser - It has been said it would offer substantial facilities to between 55-100 passengers in a helium-filled lifestyle zepplin.

The Manned Cloud - Jean-Marie Massaud has designed a floating hotel that would apparently be capable of circling the globe in just a few days, carrying 40 passengers.  This whale-shaped airship would cruise at 18,000 feet allowing guests to have a wonderful view of the world from its panoramic windows.

But don't clear the diary for a journey in one of these just yet!