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Germany's Christmas Markets

dusseldorfIt's all over. Father Christmas has been, even the 3 Kings have been round (in Spain at least) and the decorations have finally been put away. That's it for another year. But this was a good one. We did it in the most festive way possible. We went to the Christmas markets in Dusseldorf - they can be found across Germany, Austria and even the UK these days - and there is nothing better to get you in the mood for celebrating, and for picking up a few unique gifts, than that.

Dusseldorf seemed to be housing a dispropotionate amount of scaffolding during our visit, but the old town was very pretty especially as night fell and the craft stalls opened and the strings of lights twinkled and the glühwein (mulled wine) flowed. Woolly hat and scarfs were all the rage - I did experience some scarf envy there. It was very cold and the hot wine in hand and body and being wrapped up warm were the only ways to survive. We wandered the stalls by night before cosying up in front of a film til late.




Then by day, a bit of shopping - avoiding the designer bankrupcy of Königsallee. A robust meal in an ancient brewery restaurant - bratwurst with potato salad, beef in rich gravy with red cabbage washed down with dark Alt beer. A brisk walk along the riverbank to reach the Rheinturm telecommunications tower and an elevator all the way up to the 170m observation deck and views across the city - only slightly marred by the dull sky. A spin on the big wheel, a turn on the ice rink...We even threw in a bit of culture at Kunstpalast Museum with a wonderful art exhibition by Katharina Grosse. Vast bright paintings - great for a photoshoot (we had a small family one!) and a room converted into a cavern with truck loads of earth and rocks injected with colour and dyed sheets hanging from the ceiling. To clarify how good this was - even the children loved it!


Imagine a perfect Christmas scene as you peer through a frosted edged window and that was us, in it. Do note that everything closes on 24 December so make sure you are somewhere else by then.

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