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Alternative Weddings

airballoonIf you don't like the idea of spending months over the finer details of your wedding day, after which the strain would show on many a family member's face by the time the big day arrives ... get hitched away from home.  And your honeymoon will be thrown in for free.

My own wedding happened very spontaneously.  We were travelling and whilst in Vietnam the topic came up.  We decided to fire off an email to a wedding planner in Australia, our next destination, and see what happened. In under 2 weeks we were married, on the balcony of a house we'd rented in Sydney, alongside a handful of friends and siblings who were in the vecinity or willing to leap on a plane.   Deborah at  www.JustGetMarried.com organised everything.

weddingMy and the children's outfits were hastily created in Vietnam for under $50 and the groom smartened up with a shirt over his shorts and flip-flops. We were set. No stress or vast expenditure.  The perfect impromptu wedding - although not in the style of Britney.  We had been together for 8 years!

Not everywhere is it so straightforward to tie the knot.  In Australia the only requirements (for British at least) was to be in the country for a week and show our passports to the celebrant.  In India you need to spend 6 weeks on their soil before the event which will rule it out for most people. In France, for example, all documents need to be translated which can be pricey.  But there are many more accessible options and people willing to help you arrange them. Get started by having a look at this site http://www.weddings-abroad-guide.com/

Even if you don't want to leave your homeland its possible to create an adventure of a wedding day with an individual edge by picking an unusual location. These days you can even get married in a hot air balloon, underwater, in a zoo, a maze, a rollercoaster, or a nudist resort - even on the London Eye. Here are some suggestions from QuirkyAccom's directory.

taprobaneWest Usk Lighthouse, Wales - This lighthouse has lots of quirky charm.  Finish off the ceremony with a celebratory drink on the 'lamp' terrace overlooking the Bristol Channel.

Taprobane Island, Sri Lanka - This small private island is a perfect base for an intimate wedding gathering.  Exciting extras can be arranged like elephant polo on the beach.

Tree House Lodge, Costa Rica - A beach wedding, without the audience, and then you can hole up in your treehouse retreat.

Palace Krobieleowice, Poland - Have your special day and accommodate your wedding party in this historic setting in Poland without paying through the roof.glacewedding

Watergarden Hotel & Spa, Bali - Meander through tropical gardens, over streams and past waterfalls to your ceremony complete with Balinese flower girls.

Hotel de Glace, Canada - Get married in a ice chapel and raise an carved ice flute of chilled champagne to celebrate it.

Jollydays, England - A magical wedding in the woods can be arranged at this glamping site in North Yorkshire.