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Healthy Holidays


A new approach to holidaying is emerging where the aim is to come back slimmer and in better health than you left. 

What better way to change your health regime, loose weight or learn new ways to eat than under the Spanish sun.  On the Costa Blanca, which the World Health Organisation has claimed is one of the healthiest places on earth to live, there are 2 hotels that can show you a new way of living - the healthy way.

SHA Wellness Clinic, El Albir

A serenity greets you, from the relaxed spa with its vast array of treatments from all over the world, to the loungers amidst billowing white curtains that overlook the infinity pool and the widespread views from the mountains to the sea.  On arrival you are given a programme to follow - perhaps for detox, or to change your body shape or to give up a vice.  Amidst a zen-like ambiance you are encouraged to slow down, relax and give yourself a chance to maximise your health, through meditation and yoga.

shaI visited for an equisite, delicate lunch which none the less left me feeling satisfied. Guests of the hotel, at meal times, are given the beautifully prepared macrobiotic meals that have been individually selected for their needs.  Coffee and alcohol aren't offered.   The benefits of the macrobiotic diet are shared through cooking classes - it excludes most animal products and other items like tomatoes and oranges, whilst there is an emphasise on wholegrains and seasonal organic fruit and vegetables. You are encouraged to take your time eating, chewing around 100 times each mouthful in order to prepare the food for the stomach. Cancer and other diseases are said to be avoided through this high fibre, toxin free diet.

The quality rooms have large balconies with views to the sea or mountains and the option of your own jacuzzi. Staff are always at your service to assist you on your chosen path to a happier, healthy lifestyle.  In their own words, When body, mind and spirit are in harmony, the result is health and happiness. Only then can we experience our true potential.

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Obsidian Retreat, Benissa

obsidientIn a comfortable hotel setting, a short drive from the pretty coves of Benissa and Moraira, there is more of a 'camp' feel to this experience.  The group work together in encouraging afternoon chats, share their juiced meals and celebratory Gala Dinner on a Friday night, where certificates and cheers are given to the people 'graduating'.  Although some are visiting for a brief dejuvenation, others have serious health concerns, quite often type2 diabetes.  The vegan food and juicing can improve this condition to the point when guests have managed to come off their medication after as little as one week here. 

As I sat on a group table over dinner, for some the first solid food they had consumed in a week, each person had a positive story to share, and with it their determination to continue on the healthy path they have been shown here.

Carolle and Andy don't claim any miracles, just a common sense way of eating and living that prevents illness and helps people maintain a healthy weight.  The activities and classes that are offered throughout the day are always optional.  If you prefer to lie by the pool and get your nails done this is there for you, but most come here on a mission to change their lives for the better, and partake in the walks and rebounding (on mini trampolines) and watching of informative films.  With no tempations, and others with similar goals around you, your aims can be more easily reached and you go home with the knowledge on how to continue this fruitful (excuse the pun) way of life for yourself.

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