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Hotels in Disguise

In this day of orginality there is no need to stick to the traditional rectangular dimensions of a regular hotel when something more outlandish is appreciated.  Here are some examples of hotels in disguise.

kumbukKumbuk River Resort, Buttala, Sri Lanka click- An eco lodge, in the south-west of the island near Yala National Park, is built in the shape of an elephant.

Sun Cruise Resort, Donghae, South Korea - A cruise ship but built on a rock.  There are great views from the observation deck and they even play sounds of seagulls and the ocean to make you feel totally at sea.

The Boot Bed & Breakfast, South Island New Zealand click - The old woman may have lived in a shoe, but here a couple can find a peaceful hideaway in this boot shaped cottage near the Abel Tasman National Park.

dogbarkDog Bark Park Inn, Idaho, USA click - This unique dog shaped guesthouse was created by its artist owners.

Burj al Arab, Dubai, U.A.E. click - Probably the most luxurious hotel in the world (unoffically rated as a 7 star). the Burj al Arab can be found on artificial land close to Jumeirah Beach.  You can't miss it - its 321 metres tall and designed in the shape of a sail of a dhow (a traditional Arab sailing vessel).

Gagudju Crocodile Holiday Inn, Jabiru, Australia click - An indigenous owned hotel in the shape of the most famous inhabitant of the Kakadu National Park.

Treehotel, Harads, Sweden click - This collection of beautiful rooms created in trees, near to the Arctic Circle, have done a good job of looking nothing like a conventional treehouses.

pingpong1There has been much talk about some hotel projects that, so far, don't seem to have materialised.

The Chinese plan is to build a giant, as yet un-named, ping pong paddle shaped hotel as part of a new sports complex in Huainan.  The whole project will cost $45.8 million and include a stadium like an American football ball. 

There is also mention on the internet of a rudgy ball shaped hotel in France during the Rugby World Cup in 2007, but I can't find any evidence of its existence. Did it ever exist?

ryogyongMaya Hotel, The Floating Pyramid - It is (on paper anyway) a vast pyramidal floating resort which would cost $209 million to complete, and would be located south of Cancun.  It was expected by 2010 but there's no sign yet. 

The Ryugyong Hotel in North Korea is also shaped like a futuristic pyramid and has 105 floors.  The project has been much delayed but they are now working on the interior of the building which is due for completion ... soon. (pictured left)

In the meantime, you can settle for the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, which according to reviews is a bit tired, but priced accordingly.