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Ibiza - Mature Clubbing

ibizaI have long wanted to go to Ibiza for a big night out, but something always got in the way.  Money (or lack of it) when I was younger, then small children, and soon I would be over the age limit.  It was now or never!

We went for the closing party at Space on 2 October.   With enormous fortune we had 'connections', which meant guest passes that got us into backstage queue-less toilets, through doors to escape the crowds (the club should perhaps be renamed 'Lack of Space'), some drink tickets and the right to re-enter the club in the morning - after a few hours kip. Not the conventional way of doing it I know.

We began in an outdoor space, added to the club for this end of season event, watching the dramatically-dressed stage dancers writhe and leap around the DJ box.  The music was so loud it made my hair vibrate!  Fluorescent stilted aliens marched through the crowd.  Flashes of light captured the ecstacy on people's faces.

carlCarl Cox's set, our priority, wasn't til 7am.  Having started on champagne in a sophisticated chiringuito on the beach too early in the afternoon, we struggled to maintain the energy to dance throughout the night.  Most of the revellers, I imagine, have help! The main clubs on the island - Space, Amnesia, Pacha and DC10 - have opening hours that run on one to the other so for the 24 hour party people there is no need to stop, day or night.  We, unfortunately, weren't to be amongst them.  We were tucked up in bed by 3.30 am!

Although a little disappointed not to be 'hardcore', there was something rewarding at feeling fresh in Carl's room at 9am.  It was packed with 2000 people still enthusiastically punching the air after, perhaps, 12 hours on the dance floor.  By now showered and sober, I felt more of a voyeur than a participant.  Despite this, it was impossible not to get caught up in the buzz and move with the music.  Positivity carried across the room with the beat.  BOOM, BOOM, BOOM.