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Les Cols Pavillons - Unique and Magical

This was a QuirkyAccom.com property that I felt compelled to visit. Totally unique, zen-inspired, a modern ryoken. Glass and aluminium cubes, created by local architects from Olot in North Catalonia, for relaxed, magical stays which bring nature closer.

lescolsWe arrived not sure of what to expect but were immediately awestruck by our space for the night. Green tinted glass blended with the overhanging trees. Metal tubing and angled glass created total privacy. There are 5 pavillons in total but we weren't aware of the other guests. Once we had entered it became our world. My boy read contentedly on the big black bed. My girl soaked until her skin wrinkled in the warm bath playing her imaginary games. The hubbie and I strolled our lava-like outdoor area, looking over the scene, marvelling at the peace. All the bickering boredom of the car journey vanished.

A ryoken-like bathroom encourages you to soak and be. The centrepiece of the room is a big black bed, and in our case, an extra airbed was added for the children. These become encased in black blinds at night to block out all light. With barely any furniture it is a minimalists dream. For a couple it would feel like you had entered a cocoon, a tranquil zone where only you exist. It felt like that even for our family.

Out in the garden and we lay on mats under a tree, looking at the sky and feeling wholesome and happy amongst the growing vegetables and the pecking chickens. We sipped on cava, nippled on snacks and ... the rest of the world faded away. (This despite the drone of traffic from a nearby road!)

There is a Michelin star restaurant at the property, but it wasn't open in the evening so we walked to town (about 30 minutes). On reaching the centre we climbed to the top of one of the small volcanos around which the town has grown up - Volca del Montsacopa - passing graffitied buildings and playful children and with friendly nods and encouragement from locals. Returning to the main square having built up an appetite, we ate a tasty meal at Bar Europa, before getting a taxi home. Back in our zen den, candles had been lit for our return to add to the spellbinding effect. To sleep here lent to a feeling of being outside, nature hugging you, while actually being safely in.

For breakfast you can remain in your pavillon, but we chose to eat picnic-style in the garden. The feast was set out on the outdoor mats under our tree, with linen and fresh juice and homemade jams and Catalan treats. I can honestly say I couldn't have been happier. This was a gift - a gap away from time, we had stepped off the world spinning for a while.

To add to the perfection of our stay, on departure our host handed us a picnic bag with bread and cheese and jamon and wine and water and even suggestions of how to spend our day locally - set on artistic little cards. It was back to the real world again, time-pressures and commitments and a long drive home, but how wonderful to have had a break from it.








































En route we stopped off at Montserrat, a monastry built on the top of towering rocks, outside Barcelona, for our picnic lunch. You can take a cable car to the top.