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Live as if you were to Die Tomorrow

cloudThis may seem like a morbid topic, and the thought is triggered by illness in my family it's true, but stay with me. As Mahatma Gandhi said its important that we all 'live as if you were to die tomorrow'. Take a look at the sky, the clouds altering into different shapes and the trees swaying in the breeze. Take a deep breath and notice everything around you. I'm talking about the simple pleasures, the beauty - not the stuff we accumulate. Think about the people that you care about and who care about you. And take action and make decisions every day based on things we would be proud to remember when that day comes and it is the last.

My father is coming to his end, and although he doesn't say it - in fact sometimes he says the opposite of what is true - I know he has regrets and wishes he did things differently. That he didn't have so many memories that he has to alter to be able to sit with them. But despite this, I respect the way he is handling it. He is facing it well and trying to enjoy the important things that he still has despite his world getting smaller by the day. In some ways he is valuing his life more than he did before.

We are all heading in the same direction. Stop for a moment and imagine how you would feel if you were told it was your time. What would you change? Who would you wish you had been more loving to? Who would you forgive? Would you still feel cross about the same things? So instead of feeling absorbed by the mundane and perhaps dulling your life with alcohol or television - live life to the full!  Love with intensity. Give generously. Do a kindness to a stranger. Smile more. Even appreciate the mundane chores that mean you can pay the bills and keep your life in order. And have some fun along the way!

kjeragboltenBetter still - Be motivated and make things happen. What would you regret you never did? If you are stuck in a life that doesn't fulfull you - what can you do to change that or make it better? It may be as simple as starting to run in the morning so you see the sunrise everyday and feel healthy. Or meditating to give yourself some space away from the pressures. Try to look at everything with newborn eyes.

Make plans for the weekend. Break the routine. Do things that make you feel like you achieved something. To travel, live spontaneously, meet interesting people, watch the sunsets and moon rises - to me this is when I feel the most alive. We can learn from different cultures and see how people with nothing can make the best of things. Visit inspirational places, do things you thought you would never dare to do...

Of course everyone's dreams are different. Adventure may not be everyone's fix. But even if yours is staying at home with a good book, make sure you savour that serenity. In your own way make sure you suck the marrow from life. Live as if you were to die tomorrow.