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Q&A session: Why do we give all our profits to charity?





Hi there! It's Annie. I interviewed our CEO Jess a week back on all things QuirkyAccom.com - why she started the business, why we give all our profits to charity etc. to be able to give our customers a real backstory to our brand, and to get to know us a little bit better so that when you're booking through us, you know you're doing a some good for others.


Annie: What made you start up QuirkyAccom.com?

Jess: We went on a family holiday a good few years ago and we stayed in a teepee and in a cave. We then moved on to a hotel but realised we were all much more excited to stay in the first places. There and then is where we came up with the idea and the name as we thought other people would want to do the same. 

A: What were your initial plans for the business?

J: We wanted to compile all quirky and diverse accommodation in one place, as we knew there was so much more out there than the 1 similiar site had at the time. We also wanted to make sure it catered to different types of people, and those on all budgets.


A: Did you always know you wanted to donate all your profits to charity?

J: Not at all, to begin with I didn't know there were going to be any profits and for the first 3 years there wasn't any money at all. It all just started as a hobby initially and a little job for myself. As I realised it was growing and we could earn something, I knew I wanted to do good with it. I think it's important that once you have what you need, that you look to what you can do for other people. We are still expanding our business, but we are lucky that we do a lot in-house and have a small yet motivated and inspired team, some of whom work for nothing. 


A: What are some of the initial charities you have donated to?

J: The first one was a Syrian refugee charity, which is kind of what kicked everything off. I found the whole situation really disturbing and realised I could help in someway. We have also donated to Macmillan and Kidney research. We choose our charities based on situations close to our heart and close to the heart of our employees. We'd like to look in to enviromental charities, childrens charities and many others. Please check out this link for all the details and amounts given so far: http://www.quirkyaccom.com/general-blog-articles/details-of-qas-charity-donations.


A: Have you always been quite actively involved in charity work as and when you can?

J: On a small scale, yes. I am lucky enough now to have the opportunity to do it on a more dramatic scale. 


A: How would you recommend somebody get involved in charity work, even on a small scale?

J: When I was younger I hiked Kilimanjaro and got sponsored, giving all the money to Whizzkids. Combine your travelling and challenges with charity fundraising - get sponsored!








A: Have you always travelled and had an interest in travelling?

J: Yes. I first travelled at the age of 18, I gained a lot of confidence and you know, found myself, so then never stopped! I travelled the whole of my 20's working along the way and now still travel with my family - the children themselves have already visited 25 countries!








A: What are the top 5 places you've travelled to and why?


    1. Columbia. I went in my 20's - it was dangerous and that was exciting. The scenery is beautiful, very green and there always seemed to amazing cloud formations. Its good to get off the beatten track: http://www.quirkyaccom.com/get-off-the-trail

    2. Japan. The mixture of old and new creates a very unique culture. Stay here: http://www.quirkyaccom.com/book-and-bed-tokyo.

    3. Iceland. Very impressive scenery and so many ways to get close to the extremes of nature there. Stay at: http://www.quirkyaccom.com/ION-luxury-adventure-hotel

    4. Nepal. I again went in my 20's and the hiking is like nowhere else. Check out these tour guides: http://www.quirkyaccom.com/mystik-mountains-adventures-and-holidays.

    5. Spain. I love the culture, the fiestas and the sense of community. People know how to have a good time - I suppose this is why I now live here! I love this place: http://www.quirkyaccom.com/seaview-treehouse-villa


A: What is the worst place you have travelled to and why?

J: China - although nothing personal! On our trip it rained the whole time, we couldn't see anything and it was very frustrating. 

If you get the chance, stay here: http://www.quirkyaccom.com/sanya-nanshan-treehouse-resort.

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A: What is your top travel tip? 

J: Pre-plan (all the best places book up in advance), avoid the wet season and STAY SOMEWHERE QUIRKY!


That's it for todays blog post, we hope you learned something about us! If you have any other questions about us and our relationship with charities, please message us on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/QuirkyAccom/) twitter (https://twitter.com/QuirkyAccom) or instagram (https://www.instagram.com/quirkyaccom/). 


Please note that the money that we donate to charity is solely from the profits that are not needed for the business' development, and raised by staff generously giving their time. The visitors to QuirkyAccom.com are not charged anything. When you book a holiday through us with a property owner, the fee you pay goes directly to them, we do not add comission. You may also be passed to other agent's booking sites. We are not involved in the booking process.


Thanks for reading!