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Rooftop Rockets


When I saw that Brooks Guesthouse in Bristol had new Rooftop Rockets I was dead set on testing them out. I positively bristle with delight at the thought of an original idea, a place to stay like no other. These are custom built airstream caravans, but in the city centre, and as the name implies - on the roof.

Even as I approached the guesthouse I was sold. As I climbed the steps to the St Nicolas Market, in the old part of town, the exotic wafts of tasty grub from far flung lands teased my nostrils and I had to override the urge to dive straight in to the varied stalls in search of an unusual or vintage item to take home. The atmosphere was wonderful. Having not been to the UK for sometime, I had an immediate sense of nostalgia for the quirky old place. And here amidst it all was the entrance to the courtyard of Brooks Guesthouse.

After a very warm welcome I took the lift to the roof (well almost, I did have to drag my bag up the last few steps) and there they were gleaming in the sunlight, mirroring my smile back to me, 4 beauties. The Rooftop Rockets. There are 3 sizes - 16ft, 18ft and 20ft which apparently can sleep 2 adults and 1-2 children. The 18ft would be perfect for a couple, and in my opinion, the 16ft is best for just 1. Me!

Once you enter there isn't a lot of room for manovering, but everything is perfectly placed. There was a very compact shower room, a cosy double bed in which you can watch a bit of tellie or listen to the radio, and a small seating area, shelving with kettle and hairdryer etc and a space under the bed to put your bag. I felt I was in my own little cave, safe and snug from the world....


...Although the world was calling too. Bristol is such a fun city - I wanted to get out there. It was the night of the England World Cup match - don't ask me against who. We sat in a pub not far from the guesthouse, but the atmosphere wasn't as bohemian as we had hoped for. Some rough blokes were already getting fired up for the match with too much booze a good 4 hours before the start. They would peak too early I'm felt sure. So instead of turning towards the lively harbourside, a short stroll from us, we decided to head away from the stag and hens and the footie crowd to graffiti daubed Stokes Croft where there wasn't a TV screen in sight.


Beer and cocktails (always tempting but never wise to mix!) and a bite to eat at No. 51 and we even stopped off for a wee dance on the way home. Back at the hotel there was a friendly crowd (no football headers here) meandering in as we had a last drink from the honesty bar, whilst sprawled on leather sofas, before bed. I was with very old friends, there was a lot to catch up on.

I slept well in my little den on the rooftop, delighting in my very own cosy space. (I don't get away from the family often!) The coo of pidgeons gently woke me in the morning and I met my friends in the stylish faux-designer breakfast room. We had a good english breakfast and museli and juice feast, trying successfully to stifle the potential sore head. I'd got away with it - this time!

Great city, great place to stay. Rooftop Rockets at Brooks Guesthouse.

My friends had stayed in the regular rooms at Brooks which were also really pleasant, fresh and more interesting than an ordinary hotel room. I highly recommend a stay here for the location, atmosphere and especially, if you want to experience something different, the gleaming novelties on the roof.