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Rural Retreats for Refreshment

treeswingLife can get very hectic these days. There is more pressure than ever to be an achiever, a super-parent, to dress right, be fit, to be entertaining - and all that while keeping the mobile no more than a few inches away in case it pings with some new bit of (terrible) news or an amusing video that should be shared - to distract us from the terrible news.


How can we keep up with being so 'amazing' all the time?


The best way that I know of is to switch off occasionally, get away from home - with its pile of washing and maintenance jobs - and do something completely different. Dis-connect.

For many of us, living busy lives in built-up places, a break in the countryside - ideally with no WiFi - is the antidote. Time to look into your family's faces over the flicking flames of a campfire, to chase the dog through the woods take a dip in the hot tub under the stars before you fall into a comfy bed for your first whole nights deep sleep in a long time. All the stress gone!


ruralrFancy some of that?


My husband always said that the best way to test a new partner is to take them camping on a wet weekend and see if they can keep smiling. Well, with Glamping these days it isn't quite so challenging...everything can be there ready for you. From the real bed with plump pillows, the woodburner, to rugs and solar lighting. But if you prefer to be under a solid roof there are lodges, treehouses, riverside homes, shepherd's huts, canal boats plus castles and country hotels on offer too.


Wake to the tweeting of birds rather than next doors car alarm! There are many wonderful places to choose in our directory - Let us tempt you away and you will come back a different person.


Not only will you feel refreshed, but your creativity and ability to think outside of the box will be ignited too. I have all my best ideas when travelling or hiking - rather than when sat in front of a screen!


Click this link to browse - http://bit.ly/2sUSc8Q