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Sleep Well & In Style at UK Festivals

yurtsMy personal experiences at festivals have only been marred by the sleeping arrangements.  The only way to survive is to get sufficiently messy that you pass out without a care for the conditions.  Once our neighbours at Glastonbury had such ferocious dogs we could barely reach our tent, and their owner's constant banter seemed to be one long string of expletives.  A plus to this did emerge over the weekend however, as we heard many others in our field had been robbed, while our closely guarded camp remained untouched.  At the Big Chill, whilst pregnant (and therefore unable to anesthetize myself) a punctured airbed made for a sleepless weekend.  And don't get me started on the toilets!

If you don't wish to slum it next year take a look at the options here.

Camp Kerala only at Glastonbury click 

chilloutloungeComfortable and luxurious large tents are available, but with a concierge team on hand to provide a service where 'nothing is too much trouble' this option is for those who want to be thoroughly looked after, including to be transported within the site.  Camp Kerala has its own bar and chill out area in the middle of the festival itself with sofas to lounge on as you sip on a cocktail.  Kerala Spa was operated this year for the first time.

Priced at around £8000 - this is the ultimate in VIP treatment.

Pod Pads click

podpadsAlways wanted to sleep in your childhood playhouse?  Now you can.  These weatherproof, colourful mini houses come in different sizes, with beds, electric sockets, lighting and shared bathroom facilities.  Also spacious bell tents with airbeds are available.

Prices start around £425.

My Hab

I gather this plastic pod company has gone out of business.

Podules from All About Space (The website for this one has disappeared - Assumed CLOSED)

A friend, Monique, highly recommends this superior ensuite unit after a stay at V Festival this summer. 

She said - "We are here in our Podule and it is the best £2,600 I think I've ever spent.  Ensuite flushing toilet ie it's got a macerator so real water not chemical.  It's in a wet room so has a proper shower as well.  I'm looking forward to turning up with hair done and feeling fresh while others are washing with wet wipes. 

All About Space have rented the Podules out at many UK festivals this year, including Glastonbury.  The nice thing about here is that we are right next to the stages so no long queues or walks at any point.  In fact it's quicker to come home for a wee rather than to queue.

We've booked ourselves in for breakfast both mornings so have enjoyed a full cooked breakfast with Bloody Mary, coffee and then champagne."

A lead in price for 2 people as VIPs (including tickets) over 4 nights is £1950.  At the Hay Festival in May podules were priced at £185 per night including breakfast.

Yurts and Tipis

There are a range of options for staying in yurts and tipis at festivals.  Check out these websites -

www.landnsky.co.uk and www.cockmillhideaway.com at Glastonbury.





Boutique Camping click

These people arrange alternative accommodation villages at various festivals with options including tipis, wild west wagons, a bus and beach huts.

Prices start around £320.


Beryl is a beautifully converted bus with 3 double bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and lounge/diner with a built in sound system and flat screen TV.  She has provided comfortable luxury accommodation on the festival curcuit this year.

Prices are around £3-4000

The Pop Up Hotel click

These beautiful tents with all of the comforts of a hotel will be popping up at events including Henley Royal Regatta and Festival.

Fed up with unpredictable UK weather at festivals?

You may wish to think about visiting festivals further afield. Eufest can arrange travel and entrance packages around Europe.cansleep

Can Sleep

Perhaps the most inventive festival sleeping arrangements used to date are these large beer cans.  With table and chairs below and ladder to loft sleeping area with a skylight for stargazing they have proved very popular at the Smukfest in Denmark.