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The real deal Treehouse Experience

treehsLike everyone it seems, I have been obsessing about staying in a treehouse. Finally my time had come and it didn't disappoint. Winding our way up through the lush greenery of the Catalunyan landscape we arrived at Cabanes als Arbres, an hour and a half from the city of Barcelona. It already felt like quite an adventure. The dirt carpark was overshadowed by towering trees. From it a path lead past the inviting pool and spa area to a historic farmhouse were we sat in the garden with a beer awaiting instructions.

We were given a basket with a strange key, a map, head torches and lighter and advised only to take small bags that could be winched up to the treehouse. Having been pointed in the right direction we headed off into the woods to find our home for the night. A 10 minute meander brought us to our vertical ladder to climb. We opened the hatch with the little key, pulled our bags and we were in.

The treehouse, hidden amongst the tall trees had a balcony with deck chairs to enjoy the view. Every detail has been thought of to give comfort whilst maintaining the 'at one with nature' feel. A table for breakfast, a jug of water and sink to have a cursory wash, an eco toilet, a comfortable bed and armchairs. Candles only for light. A full bathroom is offered in the farmhouse and there are rooms there too if a treehouse is not for you.

The treehouse swayed slightly underfoot, due to how it is cleverly suspended, giving us the feeling we were in a living, breathing tree - which of course we were. To make the most of that there are no curtains - you will wake with the dawn with the neighbouring leafy branches creating shade.

Dinner with wine can be brought to you in the treehouse, or taken in the farmhouse - which we chose. But we didn't stay out long as we wanted to get back to our nest in the trees. And you wouldn't want too much wine or you may loose your way or not make it up the ladder! You could, in the evening, take a dip in the woodfired hot tub and sauna for an extra fee.

I slept well - waking for sunrise but then went straight back off to sleep until I heard breakfast arrive. We winched up the basket with bread and jamon and juice and a flask of coffee and ate it as we savoured every moment of our little life amidst nature.

I was really impressed with the set up here. There are 10 treehouses, set separately in the vast wooded grounds and the farmhouse with its facilities is a good focal point to join it all together. The owners came upon the idea of creating this place, ahead of the treehouse trend, from their other ventures in the woodland in the area - see La Selva de L'Aventura where you can play at Tarzan. They also offer a sensory walk which you do without shoes - touching, smelling, hearing and watching nature unfold around you.

Due to its success they have opened another site in the Basque country in northern Spain. This has treehouses suitable for families high in trees and wagons for those who prefer to keep their feet on the ground. This one is possibly easier to reach from Gatwick or Stanstead for UK visitors flying into Bilbao. Las Cabañas del Pais Vasco.

Bookings are taken at the same reservation office so ensure you are booking the correct location for you.