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happiness is a hot tub Edited

In this blog we wanted to think about why it is that hot-tubs evoke such a feeling of relaxation and why they are so good for us…

Is it the warmth of the water, the feeling of the bubbles around you or just maybe that is simulates the feeling of being back in the womb? 

One thing I know for sure is that as well as being extremely calming hot tubs also offer great health benefits! It is no wonder that they are now making an appearance at many glamping sites and even in people’s back gardens! I wanted to find out more about why exactly they are good for us and found out the following amazing health benefits! 

Number 1: Sleep

Remember when you were a child, or maybe when you had children and you would put them in the bath before bedtime? The reason for this wasn’t just to give them a good all over clean, but because after being in warm water, our body temperature automatically drops which has been proven to help us sleep better. Many adults cite insomnia as a symptom of stress, so what better way to induce a relaxing sleep than a dip in a hot tub. Add to that, that lack of sleep can cause all number of health problems and a hot tub becomes even more appealing! 

Number 2: Stress and Anxiety

Continuing on from number 1, Stress and Anxiety sadly play a large role in society today. Whether this is stress from family or work life or trying to balance the two, most people will tell you that they have suffered from stress or anxiety at some point in their lives. Therefore what could be more relaxing than sinking into the warmth of a hot tub and feeling the jets massaging your muscles. Just thinking of it makes me feel calmer! 

Number 3: Cardiovascular health and blood pressure

Did you know that sitting in warm/hot water can increase our heart rate which in turn lowers our blood pressure? This happens because when our bodies get hot, our heart sends extra blood to the surface of our bodies to deal with the extra heat, which in turn means our blood vessels dilate allowing for improved blood circulation throughout the body! What a great reason to take a dip! 

Number 4: Aches & Pains

I’m sure that all of us have at one time or another suffered with aches and pains after trying a new workout regime or pushing ourselves too hard at the gym. Warm water has long been known as a natural aid for soothing strained muscles due to the fact that it reduces inflammation in the body because of improved circulation. Even better if you have jets in your hot tub as you can aim those bad boys straight at the problem area and feel the massage they give you loosen up those tight areas. It has even been said that it can help those who suffer with arthritic joints too! 

Number 5: Healing

Known professionally as hydrotherapy, the use of hot water has been known to help people to recover quicker from surgery. Obviously there is a period of time that you have to wait before trying this option but the improved blood circulation to the injured area can help it to heal much quicker. Add to that a higher amount of infection fighting white blood cells, that are released when your body temperature is raised and you are on to a winner! 

Number 6: Detox & Exercise

Did you know that one of the great things about being in a hot tub is that is simulates some of the effects of exercise on your body without you having to even step out of your front door. The reason for this is that the heat of the water makes you sweat which not only helps remove toxins from your body but also makes you burn calories.

One study found that sitting in a hot tub for an hour helps you to burn an average 140 calories, about the same number as you would burn on a half hour walk! 

Number 7: Increased Metabolism & Weight Loss

Metabolism is one of those words that people talk about, usually when it comes to weight loss. Sitting in a hot tub is a great way to increase your metabolism and not only that but it also reduces your appetite so try to plan your meals for after your hot tub session and you will find that you automatically eat less. I would call that a win-win situation! 

Number 8: Breathing

Colds - we all get them from time to time and the feeling of stuffiness that comes with them can be debilitating. Sitting in a hot tub not only helps to open your airways but also helps to shift anything that may be blocking your lungs. 

Number 9: Mental Health Boost

Who wouldn’t feel better after relaxing in a hot tub? Just visualising it makes me feel more relaxed. The fact is that when you body is feeling good, your mental state improves too, making you feel more positive and more confident. This in turn improves mental clarity and a refreshed mind. 

Number 10: Social

We are all guilty of spending far too much time on our screens, be it a mobile, tablet or TV catching up on social media or our favourite Netflix series! The great thing about sitting in a hot tub is that you can reconnect with your family and friends and that has to be the best benefit of all! Why not browse our hot tub page now and book your next break! 


Let us know on our Social Media pages which of these points you found most interesting! Do you have a hot tub? Do you use it for social reasons or health reasons? Tag us @QuirkyAccom and let us know as we would love to hear from you. 

**Please remember that if you do have health issues or are pregnant to always consult your doctor before starting any new regime.

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