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Unusual Hotels

crazyhouseHow many times have you checked into a hotel and realised that your room is exactly like so many others you have stayed in before?  That it doesn't matter which country you are in because there is no sign of culture, individuality or creativity about it. Well all that can change. All over the world hotels are becoming more inspired and there is no need to stay anywhere ordinary ever again. You can even make your choice of accommodation part of your decision when picking your destination - some places warrent a detour.  These special accommodations will become part of your holiday story and the memory will stay with you for a long time.

Choose a hotel that incorporates its environment - Heritance Kandalama, Sri Lanka

Or oozes artistic uniqueness - Hang Nga's Crazy House. Vietnam

Or gives you an experience you will never forget - Giraffe Hotel, Kenyagiraffes

You could stay somewhere special that had a previous use, like in a prison? - Malmaison Oxford, UK

Or has been recycled - Hotel de Vrouwe van Stavoren, The Netherlands

Go somewhere where you will come home fitter than when you left -      Hotel Sunset Resort & Spa, France

Or where you can improve your health - Ananda - in the Himalayas, India

Have you thought about confronting your inhibitions? - Hidden Beach Resort, Mexico

Do you fancy sleeping up in the tree? - Hapuku Lodge & Treehouse, NZyunak

Or on water? - Salt & Sill, Sweden

In a cave? - Yunak Evleri, Turkey

Try sleeping in an ice hotel - Hotel de Glace, Canada

 Or perhaps in a historical castle or palace - Palace Krobielowice, Poland

The options are endless.  Use QuirkyAccom.com to find something that suits your personal goal or sense of adventure. Don't settle for the ordinary.  Click here for a full listing...