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What is the Capital of Slovenia?


Saskia, an Austrian student who is studying in the UK and helping out at QuirkyAccom, visited Ljubljana on her Interail trip this summer and shares with us her experience of this city. More of her travels to follow.


Ljubljana is great. Ljubljana is charming and affordable, Ljubljana has everything that a capital city should have, and yet it looks like a village. It is a tourist centre, certainly, but compared to the overcrowded North of Italy it felt empty.



We arrived on the 1st August, in shorts and without jackets. Of course it was raining. It took us about 1 hour to find our hostel, but people were extremely nice in trying to help us, and finally we found it. After a shower, we walked back into doorthe city centre and had dinner next to the river. Dinner was a very good burger – though not made of horse meat, as would have been typical. 

The next morning we joined the free guided tour through the city, starting at the main square, next to the “pink church”, which apparently used to be red. Following the guide with his refreshing sense of humour, we discovered both the historic and the new part of the town, divided by the river. The tour is highly recommended: for a small tip (you can choose how much you want to pay) we discovered Ljubljana´s myths and history, architecture, food and traditions. Crossing over the famous Triple Bridge we reached Saint Nicholas Church. The door there, which if you touch it brings you luck, shows scenes from Slovenian history and the artist signed with a nose in the right hand corner. 

There is an open-air and a covered market next to each other. It is called Odprta Kuhna and has a very special atmosphere. A great place for lunch after the tour – delicious typical Slovenian sausage. 

In the afternoon we got lost in the small streets of Ljubljana and walked further down the river. We had a drink in a bar next to the river, with a view of the castle and decided that the next day we´d walk to the castle. That´s what we did, except that we took the funicular up. The castle is far from spectacular, it is rather small, but you can visit most of it, for example the chapel, without paying entry, and you have a nice view over the city.

That afternoon we had ice-cream, listened to street music, bought some souvenirs, and said goodbye to Ljubljana. Our train left the next morning. We are definitely going back.

Stay in a unique place which carries history with it while staying Ljubljana.

Antiq Palace Hotel & Spa - historic 16th Century palatial city hotel with spa

Hostel Tresor - converted from a former bank - still with the original bank vaults in place

Hostel Celica - once a prison, now a hostel with cultural events and art gallery

And for a night out try -

A Slovenia wine bar which serves food - Dvorni Bar

For gourmet dining outside or in - Gostilna As

And for entertainment visit Metelkova (converted old military barracks) -  now an outdoor graffitied art gallery where there may be live music. A place to be. Take a Graffiti tour which ends here.

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