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I had a busy time at the beginning of this year zipping in and out of London whilst promoting the Tourism Superstar Awards for VisitEngland.  It was good to be recognised for spreading the word about QUIRKY getaways - our speciality in the UK - and our charity donations.

It seemed only fitting to check into the Georgian House Hotel and push past the bookcase / secret door to the Wizard Chambers at the end of a long day. I climbed into my 4 poster bed for a sound nights sleep amongst carved owl, heavy curtains and a pile of books.

My room oozed Harry Potterdom in all but name so a fan should not miss this 'stepping into his world' experience next time in town.



Back to the award - I'd been nominated as 1 of 10 finalists (and no, I did not win!). I was to be filmed for a presentation to promote what we do at This was not my comfort zone - all that teen shyness reappeared as I looked down the lens. But it was fun to do too - and with good editing it came out really well! See here. There were a couple of Visit England events to go to too in impressive locations and as a finalist I was presented with a framed certificate up on stage. I listened to various talks and had interesting introductions. I am pleased to say we are on trend with unusual short breaks (otherwise known as staycations or microgaps) being the thing of the moment. Well, with our site getting more visitors by the day, we already know that!

Being a stroll from Victoria Station the Georgian House Hotel was well placed for all me getting in, out and about in London.

On entering the hotel you take the forested (wallpaper) walk to reception with antique chinese inlaid reception desk. Even non-wizardy rooms have quirky detail alongside their boutique feel. A deer painting peers down on a heavily cushioned bed, and an antiquated phone with the old dial style that the young generation don't know quite what to do with.



IMG 1884 min

IMG 1882 min 



A scroll announced our tasty (award-winning) breakfast options next morning to complete our Pottery priviledges. We sat at a large table to eat the beautifully presented poached eggs scattered with edible flowers.

I loved the unique feel and imagination used at this independent family-run hotel - and it comes without the top-end prices that could scare you into a bland chain hotel in London. Although there is a supplement to overnight in a wizards den!