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Yvette's Creative Accommodation Projects

jdWe tiptoed along the gravel path, past the hot tub, phones in hand for torches. Below some light began to come into view and as we carefully took steps downwards the cabin appeared. We slide the door and were in!

hottubbbThere had been no avoiding our late arrival after midnight and we didn't want to disturb anyone....Much as it had been tricky to find The Bird Box in the dark once we were in we were delighted with what we found....

The fire glowed in the corner warming the charming and compact living area - a kitchenette, a table with benches and corner cosy seat. We took the few wooden stairs up to a cute bedroom with homemade bed with attached shower room - simple but creatively put together. Rustic and romantic and everything we needed to settle in. Once we climbed into bed we found that too was toasty with an electric blanket!



In the morning nature and light flooded in (you may want to bring an eye mask) and our view was filled with a large and beautiful tree and the sounds of bird song and a rushing stream out of view below. We opened the sliding doors to bring it all closer and lay there for a while making the most of it.

Eventually our stomach's were rumbling so we strolled to the nearby Okehampton train station cafe for a delicious breakfast - and took away sandwiches for lunch. If you want to stay put in the Bird Box bring some provisions with you.
Now ready for the day, we took the path just above the property and alongside a lively stream, through stunning woodland and over a sheep's hillside just making it in time for last orders at the friendly local pub .... before retracing our steps. British countryside at its best.
Dartmoor is on the doorstep too, but it is best to get in the car to get away from the Okehampton Bypass and make the most of your time there. But having said that this is a location you could get to easily by train and enjoy without using a car at all. Yvette has suggestions of favourite pubs / restaurants to visit in the area.
After our long walk we recovered in the lovely hot tub. This is shared with other guests but we saw no other guests during our stay.

All this is Yvette's speciality. It isn't just a place to sleep that she offers you. It is a creative dream that she presents. I have only ever stayed in one other place where you can feel the artist's thoughtful presence like here - and that was at The Nest of the Red Dragon in France. For these owners a stay is a gift from them, a view captured, clever attention to detail that you wont forget.

humbleLuckily for us, Yvette is turning her hand to another cabin/treehouse just as special and possibly even more unique than The Bird Box. Humble Bee is in its final stages and will be another special offering for a couple. Look out for a honeycombe suspended bed, large doors that bring nature closer and a unique heated outdoor bath seemingly part of the rock face.

It is now ready for visitors - HUMBLE BEE


Also see Moonbeam Yurt at the same property.