Les Cols Pavellons

Olot, Cataluna, Spain

Glass pavilions provide a unique, modern, ryoken-like experience, near Girona. In the countryside, close to the Garrotxa Volcanic Nature Reserve.


In the small town of Olot in the Garrotxa National Park in Catalunya you will find a totally unique hideaway. With only 5 rooms, these glass and steel pavilions are like nothing else, allowing the nature outside in. They are pure glass cubes within minimal furnishings - a mini bar and lounging mat and blinds. You can see the bare earth lit through the glass floor and hear the running of water in the heated soaking tub. At night a bed is made up.

Next door, in a 13th century farmhouse, the 2 star Michelin restaurant provides exquisite cuisine, adding to the perfection of the experience. Book early to enjoy this modern day Japanese onsen. 

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