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Rose Island Lighthouse

Newport, Rhodes, USA

In rooms housed in a museum, experience life as an authentic lighthouse keeper of old. Located on tiny Rose Island, reached from Rhodes Island

Listed in America's National Register of Historic Places, the Rose Island Lighthouse museum (restored circa 1912) is open to the public from 10am to 4pm each day. After it closes, the two museum bedrooms on the first floor become available for overnight 'keepers' who want to step back in time to experience turn-of-the-century lighthouse life first-hand.

Restored right down to the pitcher pump at the pantry sink, the museum is fully furnished with all the pots, pans, dishes and utensils you’ll need – just as if its keepers of old still lived there. You are responsible for changing your beds and putting the rooms back in order by 10am when the museum reopens.

Each bedroom accommodates up to two people in one extra-long double bed. These can be reserved independently. Washbowls and pitchers are provided for bathing. There is a shared indoor toilet off the kitchen where you pump the water by hand, but most of the year you’ll go outside to use the low-flow toilets and the solar showers that also water the gardens. Cook and heat water on a single propane gas burner in the kitchen or on an outdoor propane gas BBQ grill. There are 5 room / apartment options.

There is also a 1912 forghorn building built upon the rocks next to the lighthouse for 2, an apartment for up to 4 guests with astounding views and the Barracks Room for 2 with outdoor bathroom some distance from the lighthouse itself. All special and unique places to stay.

A level of fitness is required to climb on and off boats and to carry your belongings up the 300ft long path to the lighthouse. Rose Island is one mile off shore, reached by ferry from Newport Harbour, Rhodes Island.

Rates start at $79 a night with weekend supplement.

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