Elqui Domos

Paihuano, Coquimbo, Chile

Astro-hotel: dome rooms with detachable ceilings giving limitless view of the clearest skies of the Elqui Valley of Chile. 2 nt min stay on weekends.


Elqui Domos, the very first astro-hotel in Chile with exclusive Ecodomos rooms, for you to enjoy the magic and transparency of Elqui Valley skies, one of the clearest on earth. The rooms are 390 sq ft geodesic Ecodomos surrounded by an ample terrace. Inside, the main bed is located in the second storey with a detachable ceiling, so you can observe the sky from your bed. In each room you will find all the facilities for a comfortable stay: a telescope, full bathroom, heating and a living room.

Elqui Domos was born in February 2005 as a result of its creators hoping to achieve their dream: lodgings which are enjoyed through the magic of the night skies or Elqui Valley.

Elqui Domos is a very unique lodging offer, it is one of the 7 astronomic hotels worldwide, and the only one in the South Hemisphere.

The rooms are 7 geodesic domes that on the inside are furnished in a two storey plan: on the first floor a living room and the bathroom, and in the second storey the main bed and a detachable roof over it. There are also new observatorios, wooden cabins designed specifically to assist you in watching the skies in comfort.

Each dome has an ample terrace. Other services, such as fridge bar, free tea & coffee and specialized astronomic literature, are also part of what we offer. Barbeques and cutlery are available for you.

Services are focused on sky wealth, so they are composed of: specialized astronomic tours and nighttime horse rides. Bike rental, daytime horse rides, car rental are available among other services.

Prices start from US$120 per night.

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Double Ensuite

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La Serena


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