The team at is delighted to be able to bring you a wide range of unusual accommodation to enrich your holidays, in the UK. It is also our aim to alleviate the suffering of others by donating all of our profits to good causes each year. We are able to do this by keeping our running costs low, and this in no way limits the development and quality of the site.

Charity donations

By visiting, searching out and booking unique stays through the property owners or agents we work with, you are also helping others. Win-win!

THANK YOU for your visit. Remember us when choosing your next break away.

OUR LATEST DONATION was £20,000 to the suicide prevention charity Grassroots and £15,000 to Turn2Us who provide grants to those most in need. We are delighted to have taken our total donations to various good causes to £200,000.

* Please note that due to the unforeseen circumstances during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have needed to hold back some profits in 2020/21 to build a buffer for business security purposes. This is to ensure that we can ride the storm of any further disruptions to travel. However, we are still dedicated to giving all profits to charity going forward.

See details of our donations so far below. We try to give to a variety of important causes. Hopefully something here will resonate with you.

Grassroots - Suicide Prevention - £20,000

Turn2Us - Fighting UK Poverty - £15,000

Gofal / now Platform - Welsh mental health support - £20,000

Seeability - support the visual impaired - £15,000

Friends of the Earth - £10,000

Rainbow Trust - supporting families of ill children - £20,000

Macmillans - Cancer support - £20,000

From Wales - Supporting a community in Malawi - £10,000

World Vision - with focus on helping Syrian Refugees - £25,000

Kidney Research UK - £15,000

End Youth Homelessness - with focus on Scotland - £20,000

Before QuirkyAccom being a Ltd company I donated to the World Food Programme more than once - £10,000


Going forward we hope to donate to Alzheimer's Research UK and do more for environmental and 3rd world causes. Thank you for visiting QuirkyAccom and booking your holidays with owner's of unusual places to stay. By doing so you can feel a part of the money we have been able to raise.


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