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Mongolian Yurt of olden days

Imagine a cold windy day, you are tending to your sheep and need some shelter...a triangular tent just won’t cut it, so instead you erect your circular yurt (or ger), safe in the knowledge that it is strong whilst being easy to setup and dismantle quickly. This is what happened in  Mongolia in the 1100’s, when Nomadic tribes needed protection from the cold harsh winds of the open plains on which their herds grazed. Now I am not saying that these were glamorous by any means, but the yurt is now a popular choice for glamping holidays with king size beds, wood burners and plenty of soft furnishings. And if they were good enough for the powerful Genghis Khan, then they are good enough for me! 

The Field of the Cloth of GoldEarly in the 16th century a 3 week summit called the Field of the Cloth of Gold was arranged to cement the friendship between King Henry VIII of England and King Francis I of France following the Anglo-French treaty of 1514. Here there were luxurious tents aplenty made of gold cloth and silk (approximately 2,800) and even fountains of red wine, both signs of the kings’ wealth and power. 

Exquisite Turkish Ottomans TentFast forward a hundred years and the Turkish Ottomans were said to have such lavish tents for the Sultan whilst on campaign that it would take 600 camels to carry them! These tents were said to be exquisite with colourful cloth, floral patterns and various stitchwork in silk and metal thread. 

Finally skip forward to the early 1900’s when wealthy Americans and British travellers ventured to Africa for safari trips. Not wanting to give up their luxuries they stayed in canvas tents with luxurious bedding, Persian rugs and even electric generators and folding baths! 

Safari tents in AfricaHope you enjoyed your whirlwind guide of glamping history! And next time you book a glamping holiday, be sure to remember the chilly plains of Mongolia or the luxurious tents of the Field of Cloth of Gold and smile and give a little thanks, as you sink into the bubbles of your hot tub or your cosy double bed!  


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