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As I live far from my family and many friends in Spain, almost every time I do get away it is to catch up with people. I also have 2 teens and a husband and manage a team of people here at QuirkyAccom so there is always a lot on. I used to travel alone in my previous life as a 20 something bohemian adventurer ... but that person has been hidden under a pile of laundry and 'to do lists' for the last years! But I felt her presence again on this brief escape to the lovely island of Lanzarote at Eco Finca de Arrieta. I savoured the time alone!

Lanzarote views

I have been on family sport holidays to Lanzarote so it already is a favorite destination; the stark landscape and a bit of off peak heat can't be beaten. But this time I wanted to indulge my love of glamping and went to Eco Finca de Arrieta to get away from it all. Long had this been on my bucket list - and it fulfilled my every wish. To start the trip off with a bang, I was collected at the airport with a glass of bubbly and before settling into my own personal yurt camp on the North East side of the island, a stroll from the quaint village of Arrieta and its glorious sandy bay.

Yurt interior 

My yurt was spacious and comfortable and came with an outdoor kitchen, and separate bathroom all within an enclosure garden with day bed, outdoor table and chairs, hammock and black lava garden lit by fairy lights at night. I couldn't have been happier than a pig in poop. I had my own space but was within a retreat with other glamping units, a small pool, honesty shop, massage / yoga yurt and the chance to say hello to the odd other holidaymaker or member of their team, whilst still being exhilaratingly alone!

Runs across the beach 

I took to running into Arrieta and along the coast to Punta Mujeres and choosing a different swimming hole (alongside the locals) to dip in each day, and running myself dry on the way home. I watched a show, cooked just what I fancied to eat and had calls with friends in the evening. And once I was fully relaxed I started to take jaunts in my electric car which came with the rental.

One day I took an early ferry to La Graciosa and hired a bike and cycled straight across the island to Playa de la Conchas and ran down onto the sand to be the first there for a while before a handful of others turned up over the morning. We dotted ourselves along the vast expanse of sand in awe of the place. I should have climbed the peak overlooking it (Mount Bermega) but was mesmerised by the crashing waves and just couldn't drag myself away.

Pool on site 

Hunger drove me back to town for a bit of lunch before heading off in a different route, until forced to abandon the bike on the dunes and taking a dip and snorkel at La Francesa and La Cocina beaches. It was a long and strenuous day, but mind-blowing. I felt close to nature and like I was travelling in a bygone time when there were few tourists. This was one positive experience covid had given me - although obviously not a good situation for all those reliant on the tourist industry on the islands. (Everywhere!)

On other outings, I visited creative sites of Cesar Manrique around the island (although not all were open). He loved Lanzarote - almost as much as I do! And then to Mount Timanfaya National Park to see and understand the power and ferociousness of the eruptions that dominated here and created this strange landscape. I followed this with a break on a rugged black beach, and on to Los Hervideros where the sea rushes into lava caves and blows - and ended with a stunning sunset from a frontline table in El Golfo.

Erupted volcano

On my last day it was overcast in Arrieta, and when that happens it is time to drive South where, they say, the sun always shines. I went all the way to Playa Blanca, but branched off before going into this larger resort town, and headed on dirt roads to Papagayo for a bit of sunbathing and snorkelling to top off my perfect vacation. There were more people on this side of the island, but the place justifies a visit. Although I clearly was seeing all these locations at their very best on this trip, I was assured that off peak the island is never very crowded.

Stunning sunsets 

Lanzarote isn't prohibitively large to visit all the main attractions in a week. It only takes an hour to drive North to South. Having the electric car included in my stay really made the holiday for me.

I can not recommend a trip to Lanzarote highly enough. I will most definately be back and would love to stay at Eco Finca de Arrieta again when I do so. I hope you get away for your own adventure very soon!

Catch you again soon,


CEO Jess at yurt 

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