sofa42Humble Bee isn't just any old couples getaway. This place has been designed and created by an artist making for a unique stay. Yvette has a beautiful space full of tall trees, mossy greenery and the sounds of a running stream and birds to accompany it. And here is where she has built this unique beehive property for couples to get away from their regular lives and experience the warm glow of being together somewhere different.




Being a hive shape, a tall building with not a lot of windows, you really are hidden away together. Either you can cosy up in the suspended bed at the top, or sit by the fire in the middle or descend to the kitchen and bathroom space, fling open the doors and be out on the decking wrapped up in the great outdoors. Out of the back door you will find your very own thermal bath (for 2) seemingly formed as part of the rocks behind.

Having seen Humble Bee myself during its construction process, I knew it would one of those special places to stay. Not quite luxurious, but intimate and imaginative - somewhere you can't help but connect, a place to tune in not only to each other but your surroundings. So this was the place I sent my close friends Giles and Claire on their first wedding anniversary.

Here are some photos they sent me to share with you.

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