The Story of Rail Holiday St Germans:

Let’s go back in time to 1992 where this story begins!

Meet Dave and Lizzy Stroud, a young couple looking for that perfect family home. When one day they happened upon a derelict train station that they decided to purchase.

Little did they know at this time that this one decision would change the course of their lives forever! 


A couple of years later, deep in the undergrowth of their garden, they discovered an abandoned siding at the side of the property. Immediately they thought what a wonderful place it would be to put up family and friends to stay, if only they could find a carriage to put on it!

So started the hunt for what would be the Old Luggage Van. Eventually on finding it, buying it and doing it up, the couple decided to rent it out to the public to help fund the conversion.

Still at this time, little did they know this would be the start of their fleet of holiday carriages! 

Now with a young son in the family, who happened to be obsessed with trains too, the couple found a corridor coach that was in need of some love.

Then residing at the Bodmin and Wenford heritage Station, the coach had to be moved to a new site they had found, just over an hour down the road in the lovely port town of Hayle.

This 1957 coach "Harvey" came with all original fixtures and fittings, but moving it was a feat in itself! The couple then lived on site in Hayle alongside their now two young children and spent many months renovating this gorgeous 1950’s corridor coach before moving onto their next project!

This time a Victorian Travelling Post Office was to be the chosen one. Found on the internet, the couple fell in love with this historic carriage, but didn’t know where to put it.

The only space at home was a small parcel of land on the other side of their station home, but it wouldn’t fit! So started the mammoth job of moving their initial property - the Old Luggage Van - onto this bijou plot, so the Victorian Travelling Post Office could take its place alongside their home.

This wasn’t to be an easy feat with the carriages not only needing cranes to move them, but low loaders to transport them too, with the Post Office carriage being transported all the way from Brecon, over 180 miles away!

With three carriages to look after, plus 2 young children, you would forgive Dave and Lizzy for stopping here, but their love for renovating carriages would not stop and so the purchase of more carriages took place.

Mevy, (see left) the GWR slip coach was decorated in the opulent style that it deserved, whilst Millpool was designed to be totally wheelchair friendly.

Another particularly special carriage from Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee train is currently under renovation with work still in progress, whilst the couple also have big plans for their other new carriages, so be sure to watch this space! 


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