PHOTO 2018 09 21 20 23 13 1Glamping is an important part of our business so we were keen to show our faces at The Glamping Show in Birmingham this September to keep our finger on the pulse. What is trending, what will come next, what are people talking about?

I went with my niece Elena, who works with us at, and we wore our sweatshirts proudly announcing our directory of unusual places to stay and took our time meandering between stalls and installations and chatting to people.

What is Glamping?

Not just yurts and tipis and other innovative canvas creations. Glamping pods, cabins, shepherd huts and treehouses - in fact any innovative space that brings some home comforts to a stay close to nature. A sector of the glamping market has certainly moved towards the top end with many places undeniably luxurious, and aimed at those on a high budget, or with celebrations to be marked. But it is possible to Glamp on a lower budget too.

At QuirkyAccom we have several accommodation types which cover not just Glamping under canvas. I have added other links here that will help you select exactly what you are looking for under the same umbrella.







It seems clear, and no surprise to me, that the way forward is to make sure any Glamping site is the most unique and creative it can be, with a dolop of ambiance and magic on top. I learnt that there are many people keen to open new glamping sites who are looking to snap at the heels of the current business' and owners need to keep ahead of their game. Is the Glamping market saturated? There are lots of new players on both sides (glamp sites and visitors wanting to glamp). Owners need to stand out to keep a high occupancy rate.

Officially speaking a glamp site should be doing something individual and small scale, but there is also a growing market for larger scalecalwich projects cropping up which include activities, great facilities or cater to weddings, corporate events and other gatherings. We have them all here at - you choose what type of experience works for you - as a couple, as a family or as a group of people.

All this new competition can only be good for the holidaymaker. Whatever your budget, group size, location there will be somewhere amazing to stay not too far away. 

In the new version of our site coming soon we will be improving search options ready for 2019 to help you find what you are looking for. In the meantime do write to us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want our help.



Another important search - DOG FRIENDLY HOLIDAYS

Despite a rush on the luxury end of the glamping market I know that as long as we can put people in touch with nature, and feel the personal efforts of the owners through the love of their land and beautifully created space, then places of all budgets can flourish. On my own holidays I often choose a low or reasonable priced stay with something special and truly quirky about it, and that has time after time proved to be much more rewarding than a pricey nondescript hotel.

airpodsFor the past year or so we have seen a huge rush of our visitors flowing towards properties with hot tubs. This is undeniably the current craze. And its not hard to see why - they defy drizzle and cold allowing you to stargaze or relax in nature whatever the outside temperature. Sometimes glampsite owners add other outdoor bathing options with lower maintenance to good affect. A rainshower or bath in a pretty and secluded spot can really add appeal. 


and all properties WITH HOT TUB

Another way to do it! 


Have you considered hiring a Campervan and choosing your own base or route? This can be hugely rewarding - Imagine parking beachside or a walk from a country pub and returning for an on-the-spot siesta. Or plotting up on a campsite where your kids will be engulfed into a gang playing 'it' while you sit back with a ready-chilled beer. Or crawling into your den to protect you from that rogue downpour at a festival... Makes me shed a tear for my old VW just at the thought.

Some lovely people who are leading the way with a cutting edge are Quirky Campers. I bumped into these guys at the exhibition which is a good excuse to give them a mention here. Take a look at some incredible and diverse campervan conversions! You can pick up an enviable vehicle from various points around the UK.