Karostas Cietums

Liepāja, Liepaja city, Latvia

An extreme adventure, this former prison in Liepāja has not been converted. Live the part of a prisoner for a dismal night.


The Karostas Cietums was a naval port prison and guardhouse. The building was erected about 1900 and until 1997 it has served as a place where military persons served their sentences for breach of discipline.

Extreme Night. For the admirers of especially extreme adventures a night show is offered. You will be able to live the part of a prisoner for a dismal night. Arrival at the Naval Port prison is at 9pm. The show lasts until 9am. The event is planned for groups of at least 10 people. Only those who have signed an agreement with the conditions of the show will be allowed to participate in it.

You could also participate in a 24 hour experience - A day in the Army or Guardhouse, Civil Defence. Or the VIP programme offers exciting adventures in the North forts with a possible arrest and subsequent interrogation followed by lunch in the prison canteen.

One night's lodging is €15, or for the Extreme Night with show about €17 per adult and €14 per student. Choose to stay in the luxury chief officer's room with king size bed for €50. 

For the less brave, visit the museum.


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