Verbeke Foundation

Kemzeke, East Flanders, Belgium

A totally unique experience staying in a museum's art pieces, in the form of a large intestine, a tent in a 4 storey tower or Blob VB3.


The Verbeke Foundation is a privately owned art site which holds a collection of modern and contemporary art pieces whilst enabling possibilities for emerging artists.

Of particular interest is the unusually named piece of art "CasAnus" by Joep van Lieshout. It is a sculpture made entirely of polyester and is a gigantic replica of the human digestive system. Guests can stay overnight and the raw natural shapes and colours contrast with the pristine white interior of the sculpture. The room contains a double bed, a table, a shower and a WC. There is also lighting, electricity and running water.

The cost for 1 night is €120 for two people. Breakfast and entrance to the museum is included in the price.

Also at the museum is an exhibit named CampingFlat by Kevin van Braak. It is a design that consists of 12 metre high scaffolding which is divided into four floors. On each floor the ground is made of artificial turf and a tent on top - with amazing views. Whilst staying overnight in this structure, tent and mattresses are provided. Guests bring their own sleeping bags and pillows. Bathroom facilities are located nearby.

The cost for 1 night in the CampingFlat is €35 for two people or €50 with breakfast included.

A new place to sleep is Blob VB3 by dmvA-architecten, with a view of the pond and a double bed. The toilet is in the museum.

The cost for 1 night in the Blob VB3 costs €90, breakfast and entrance for two included.

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