Wilson Hostel

Warsaw, Masovia, Poland

An eco hostel in Warsaw with Japanese style sleeping capsules as well as dorms or private rooms


Wilson Hostel Warsaw is the first eco-hostel in Poland. Water and rooms are heated with solar panels and water-saving systems have been installed, plus all waste is separated. In addition, the air in the building is continuously cleaned by a green wall of plants. Wilson Hostel is situated in a unique district of Warsaw - ?oliborz, 300 meters from the metro station.

?oliborz is a very pleasant part of the city. It is green and peaceful while at the same time rich in cultural attractions. It only takes 9 minutes by underground from Wilson's Square to the famous center of the city. You can walk to the Old Town, which is less than 3 kms away.

Each room has its own bathroom and sturdy, comfortable beds. You can either book a bed in a shared room of 4 to 6 people or reserve a private room. You can also rent a Japanese sleeping capsule - the only one in this part of the world. Free WiFi is available throughout the entire building.

A Traveler Club with the best beers will welcome you on the ground floor, next to the reception desk. A delicious breakfast is served at the 12-metre bar every morning. Enjoy the cozy atmosphere created by a fireplace, two gardens and a wall of green plants.

A shared room with bathroom costs €17 and an en-suite private room for up to 3 people costs €50 a night.

Room Types

Whole property for 5 or more
Double Ensuite

Nearest Airport/s


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