Ayurveda Paragon

Talpe, Galle, Sri Lanka

A holiday for healing - ayurvedic treatments are included at this hotel at Talpe


The Ayurveda Paragon is reserved exclusively for guests undergoing Ayurvedic treatments. Thus, you are among like-minded people and can devote yourself entirely to your treatments and your regeneration. Complete attention is focused on your personal and individual health and well-being. The hand-picked staff are trained especially for this purpose and is not preoccupied with other tourist issues. This is what gives the Ayurveda Paragon its unmatched character.

The doctors recommend a stay of 3 to 4 weeks to give you the best possible results. As a minimum however, please plan for a two week stay.

Being a natural, holistic healing method, Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of treating the cause of illness rather than its effects. Each patient is viewed as an individual and is actively integrated into the recovery process. Prevention and psychosomatics are basic elements of Ayurveda. Contrary to Western medicine, it works with a combination of different remedial attempts, which has proven to be the key to its success especially with chronic diseases. Therefore it fulfils the need of the modern people to be perceived as comprehensive beings much more so than any other healing method.

The Ayurveda Paragon is located about 130 km south of the capital of Colombo. The marvellous building was constructed in 1996 by a student of the famous tropical architect Geoffrey Bawa. The hotel is a prime example of light-flooded and open-air architecture perfectly suitable for the tropical climate of Sri Lanka. Warm and bright colours as well as huge open areas create the tropical ambience and provide transparency and width.

All rooms, elegantly furnished in bright tropical colours, have a balcony or a terrace facing the sea side. The sea breeze provides for natural cooling throughout the year. For goods reasons, we renounce television or Internet connections in the rooms, as we want you to completely concentrate on your cure. The absence of media distractions will help you to find rest, contemplation and relaxation. There is also a suite with 2 separate bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a huge, secluded terrace.

Prices start at €1658,30 per person for the minimum stay of 14 nights. This includes treatments, full board with ayurvedic cuisine according to your individual dietary plan, transfers, non-alcoholic drinks, yoga and meditation classes and ayurvedic remedies. There is no single occupancy surcharge for this offer.


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