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Controversy Tram-Inn

Hoogwoud, North Holland, Netherlands
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Converted luxury tram and train apartments on a farm in the village of Hoogwoud in North Holland.

Controversy Tram-Inn makes it possible!! You will receive a warm welcome at this completely restyled farm in the beautiful village of Hoogwoud.

In the garden of the Controversy Farm on the Kingspath are two trams that were active several years ago in Germany and Amsterdam. These have been converted to four very luxuriously apartments where nearly everything is 'on board'.

They have a very luxurious shower and toilet, TV with VCR (200 videotapes in the UFO), an alarm clock radio, a little oven, coffee machine and among other things a kitchen with fridge. The compartments can be heated and you sleep in a two persons bed of 140cm by 205cm.

The compartments have been subdivided in three themes (Italian, French and English-American) with each its own type of breakfast. The Italian and French trams can be occupied by 2 people, the English-American (little family tram) is suitable for 4 people.

The little family-tram has been opened up specially for parents with young kids. The dividing wall has been removed between the compartments. This allows the parents to watch over their kids while they sleep in their own compartment.

At the Controversy B&B, for those on a higher budget, is the luxurious Mexican Train, a compartment with 21 metres length and 2.60 metres wide with a boat as the bed (1.65 X 2.15 metres), also the living room has a large screen TV. There is heating and air-conditioning, and the whole train is insulated and has double plated glass. Last but not least it has a jacuzzi with whirlpool and jet stream built in a Mexican sombrero.

The train guests can also use the Daf Terrace which has a wide view and roof seating area.

A recent addition of a UFO for an "out-of-this-world" sleeping experience. Adults are €40 per night and children €30 per night.

The trams prices start at €60 per person per night and the train from €200 for 2 people. The little family tram is priced at €140 for 2 adults and €180 for a family of 4.

Breakfast is included.

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Family Rooms

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