El Delfin

Baños de Mula, Murcia, Spain

Thermal baths and comfortable apartments with antique touches and the owner's art await you in Baños de Mula.



Baños de Mula is a tiny village, in the region of Murcia, where warm and therapeutic baths are heated by the nearby volcano. The surrounding dry valley is a perfect backdrop for this cluster of houses. A stay at El Delfin offers comfortable apartments with antique tiles and touches, plus self-catering facilities. At the bottom of the building there is a bar, an exhibition of the owner's art and other curiosities and some tile baths large enough for 4 where the water temperature is around 36.5 degrees centigrade.

If not wishing to cook for yourselves there are a couple of restaurants in the village to try. Enjoy Murcian hospitality and an authentic corner of Spain where you may need to get out your phrase book.

There are apartments a few paces away. The apartments in El Delfin sleep between 2-7, two baths a day are included in the daily rate. A jacuzzi bath (similar to hot tub) is possible for a small additional cost. Massages and beauty treatments can be arranged.


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Family Rooms
Whole property for 5 or more

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