The Harbour Crane

Harlingen, Friesland, Netherlands

The crane of Harlingen harbour has been converted into an unusual, stylish accommodation with changeable view.


The Harbour Crane swings into action again! For two years, a sizable team of history fanatics devoted themselves to restoring and renovating the Harbour Crane. Its silhouette has dominated the friendly Harlingen skyline for decades. Since September 2003 it is possible to admire Harlingen and the Wadden Sea from crane level.

The entrance has a surprise in store for you. The spartan cage ladders have been replaced by two specifically designed lifts. Within the 60 square metres there is a well designed bed, seating area and shower bath for two. The lighting and audio-visual electronics are all touch screen operated. There is a small staircase to the cabin where you can manipulate the panoramic view by rotating the crane around. There is a patio on the roof protected by a solid railing.

The Harlingen Harbour Crane is a Figee level luffing crane built in 1967.

The Harlingen Harbour Crane is equipped with two lifts, a swing motor, high-grade insulated glass, sophisticated heating, cooling and ventilation systems, comprehensive audio-visual electronics, unconventional sanitary facilities, a two person bed with panoramic view through the rear wall and ceiling window, monumental armchairs, minibar, breakfast facilities and a large roof patio.

The nightly rate is €319 mid-week and €349 per night on the weekend. Christmas and New Year carry supplements. Enquire about adding romantic extras.


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Double Ensuite

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