Lockdown - it sounds like a scary word signifying enforcement, lack of freedom, no choice to choose...but the reality is that many people are making the most of it by spending quality time with their loved ones and catching up with things that have been put on that “one day” list! 

However the sad truth is that there are many elderly people who live alone and who at this time may not only be too afraid to venture out, due to worries about catching the virus, but who may also be missing their daily/weekly visits from their children and grandchildren. 

 methode sundaytimes prod web bin 046e7564 683c 11ea bde1 9f5d6ba18b59The Corona Virus….3 months ago we had never heard of it, now it seems we can’t get away from it. Although it is good to stay in the know, it is also important to disconnect from your TV, PC or tablet once in a while.

The reason for this is that sometimes too much information can cause unnecessary anxiety and stress. So here at QA we thought we would take a moment to talk about activities you can enjoy in this period of unease. 

(Note that Jess and I are in Spain and so have been on shutdown for almost 2 weeks at time of writing this post. So we have had time to put these into practise already.)

ceridwen4Our good friend Zoe, with her partner and puppy, went to stay for the weekend at The Ceridwen Centre in West Wales. Here she will tell her tale about it and hopefully inspire you to go there too....

The idea of the weekend was to escape, to have a couple of days away from the drama that everyday life can bring. Time to reflect, to read, to enjoy the peace of the countryside.

On arrival to the Ceridwen Centre the green moss snaking down the centre of the access road confirmed the isolation I was craving. While the puppy yawned and stretched we arrived to welcoming smiles form our hosts and a quick tour of the facilities. The centre is a family run eco sensitive organic farm that has expanded over the years and is now home to a number of different accommodation facilities including yurts, an eco pad, traditional and modern B&B, a Romany caravan and my sanctuary from the weekend, a beautifully converted traditional 1960’s double decker Layland bus. It is nestled into the rear of the centre, with private decking overlooking the valley below with a bar-b-que and fairy lights that in the warmer months would make for a magical evening star gazing.

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1.  Please take Government advice. Currently this suggested that UK breaks will be possible from 4 July in England, but this date could vary in other parts of the UK. Check the lastest advise before making a booking please.

England 4 July opening up of hospitality 

Wales 13 July 

Scotland 15 July

2.  Un-necessary travel and staycations are now not possible. See the Essential Travel Guidance Guidelines. 

3.  We have asked that property owner's update their calendars to show blocked off periods for the lockdown period. Not all have done this, but this does NOT mean that dates before the end of the lockdown are available for bookings.

4.  If you have made a booking with a property listed on QuirkyAccom coming up within 1 month, and you are concerned that you will be unable to travel due to lockdown restrictions please contact the owner direct to discuss how you can manage the situation together. If making a booking going forward beyond lockdown dates, please be clear on the booking terms for that property as each booking is taken direct with the owner. QuirkyAccom is not the booking agent.

5.  QuirkyAccom.com is determined to continue through this difficult time, supporting its staff and improving our functionality, ready to assist you with quirky stays once possible. Please keep safe until then.

6.  For up-to-date advice on the situation please visit the World Health Organization.



Jess & The QuirkyAccom Team

IMG 3896 2We went out of our way to visit The Chapel, Ubley....passing Stonehenge and Longleat and almost upon Cheddar Gorge. This would be a great base for a holiday, in the Mendip Hills and Bristol and Bath not much more than half an hour off. A week would pass with ease. I knew The Chapel would be special and wanted to see the place for myself....and it was just even better than I expected!

The owners have great taste - mixing vintage with restored features, finds and colour. It's sophisticated and homely and unique all at the same time! How did they pull that off?!

The building is dramatic of course - a huge, high-ceilinged living room dominates with chandelier, original working organ and pulpit - and a grand piano, even a football table, sound system and big TV for added entertainment...I hear Paul Weller has played at that very piano!

Light from the stained glass windows adds a warm glow. In the spacious kitchen there is a big table and island bar - What fun and feasts could be had there!