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Hi all! It's Charlotte from the Marketing team again! I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to stay at some more fabulous quirky places whilst filming for our current competition.
These properties, and 2 others which I will write about soon, are offering great prizes so you can experience them for yourself (dont forget to sign up to have a chance to win!) and are based in the South-East of England. It was so much fun visiting them and meeting the property owners. 
Our first stop was Blackberry Wood in Ditchling, East Sussex - outside Brighton. When we arrived we were immediately blown away by the range of accommodation to choose from. There's a converted London bus, a helicopter, two stunning treehouses, a range of different style cabins and carriages and plenty of spaces nestled in the woodland to pitch a tent. The site itself reminded me of something from Alice in Wonderland with art and quirky structures everywhere you look as you get lost amongst the trees. 
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My favourite properties of them all were two treehouses, Higgledy and Piggledy, which have been masterfully constructed both inside and out. Thick tree trunks run through them and they are carefully decorated with fairy lights and other unique and imaginative features.
The other accommodation would be perfect for any transport enthusiast who has always dreamt of staying the night in a helicopter or London bus! 
I was also lucky enough to visit the 3 boats featured on QuirkyAccom at Riverscapes. These were beautifully placed on the River Thames, just down the road from Hampton Court. The boats on offer are all of the different sizes, good for couples to a family or up to 6 friends. I was shocked at how much fitted into the space available as all the boats had everything you could need for a comfortable stay. The Heavenly River Houseboat even has a hot tub which you can sit in whilst looking out onto the beautiful river scenery. 
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If you want to win a stay at one of these locations make sure you enter our Autumn competition hereIf you follow the link you can also watch the video I created during my stays, which gives an even more inspiring peak at these great properties. For a chance to win, all you have to do is sign up!
Other prizes are offered at Belle Tout Lighthouse and Hotel Pelirocco - more about my visits to them in my next blog soon.
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We are particularly proud of this competition, as for every entry we are donating £1 or more to Right to Play UK (Registered charity number 1112404). 
Thank you for reading! And don't forget to enter now HERE