IMG 5116 minCheck the Red / Amber / Green list of countries and how that affects testing and quarantine rules for travel before you book. The Canary Islands are due to go Green soon (they say).


The last year has been strange and difficult to say the least and barely have we had the chance to leave our own home at times, so the thought of going on holiday abroad seemed impossible. But last Autumn I saw my chance and took it! As this was followed by lockdowns, I didn't want to rub anyone's nose in it before now. So here is my belated traveller's tale. I went alone, and felt spontaneous and free (I didn't know if it was on or off until the day) and after months of working flat out without a break I savoured every second of this opportunity.

flags uk magnifying glass passport map tourism concept 116553643With holidays starting to open up in springtime, we are sure you will be looking forward to packing your suitcases and heading off for a break.

As we all know the British weather can be unreliable and unpredictable so here at QuirkyAccom we decided to round up some of the most unusual museums for you to enjoy whilst on your summer break. Museums are set to open on 17 May. Let's support them!

Whether you are visiting the South West, South East, Midlands or North of the UK, we have you covered! 

The Story of Rail Holiday St Germans:

Let’s go back in time to 1992 where this story begins!

Meet Dave and Lizzy Stroud, a young couple looking for that perfect family home. When one day they happened upon a derelict train station that they decided to purchase.

Little did they know at this time that this one decision would change the course of their lives forever! gif maker

The Lake District attracts nearly 16 millions visitors each year and it’s not surprising why!

Offering beautiful scenery, 16 tranquil lakes and more than 150 high peaks including England’s highest mountain, Scafell Pike, there really is something for everyone to enjoy!

As such we wanted to share with you a few great places to stay as well as fun activities for you to partake in when planning your visit there. 

So here we are, Christmas 2020 is fast approaching and like most people, I didn’t expect Covid-19 to still be a part of our lives. However we must all try and stay positive and instead of focussing on the doom and gloom, instead see this as an opportunity to do something totally different! To change life up a bit and do something memorable so you don't look back on Christmas 2020 as a wash out, but instead  as the year that you made different traditions! Here is where QuirkyAccom can come to your rescue. 


Instead of having a traditional Christmas with all the family around the tree and the typical Christmas dinner with roast turkey and all the trimmings, why not try a glamping holiday, a treehouse staycation or hire a cottage with friends. Different rules and regulations mean that here at QuirkyAccom we know all our ideas may not be suitable for everyone, due to tiers and lockdowns, but we would love to highlight some different properties that could just offer you the unique Christmas you need this year.