louIt is nearly that time of year again and as I sit here writing this I realise that in 2 weeks time it will be all over! Enjoy the festivities while they last. What are you doing for Christmas this year? Do you do the same thing year in, year out or do you venture out and get a taste of other customs?

I find it hard to imagine Christmas without all the family traditions! I have two young children so we now have 'mischievous elves' in our house that get up to something different each night from the 1st December when they arrive with the advent calendars until the 24th December when Santa takes them back to the North Pole! 

So far they have turned the milk blue (that didn’t go well down in my morning cuppa), wrapped up the toilet, left a trail of chocolates and a note telling them to listen to Mummy! On Christmas Eve the elves leave a box before they head off with new PJs and other goodies in. They make the run up to Christmas lots of fun for us all!

However there are times when I daydream about abandoning the Christmas traditions and taking to the sky and doing something completely different! A trip to the North Pole to see Santa is high up on my wish list, and I'm tempted to experience other cultures at Christmas.

So here are 5 of the best places in Europe to spend Christmas!


IMG 1519 2Allow us to introduce you to the All New QuirkyAccom.com - and us, Jess (CEO and founder) and my husband Dom (technical expert). You can see how much work has gone into this project by the tiredness in Dom's eyes!

All our hopes and dreams of creating the perfect site have culminated here to lead you to book fabulous unique holidays....and from here on things can only get better. With a new modern site we have the scope to further improve as time goes on. 

I hope that the searching is easier - although we will work on an advanced search for 2019 which will allow you to select number of guests, to see the lead in price of each property and search by date and more. But for the moment if you select one of our bright hand-drawn icons as a starting point, you can click Search (top right) again to further refine your search.

As Quirky is our speciality, we wanted to make sure the site was like no other. You will notice that some properties have artist impressions. To see all of these together go to the Artist View page here. We also have a fun video giving you a glimpse into the wonderful variety of Quirky stays out there.

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Hi all! It's Charlotte from the Marketing team again! I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to stay at some more fabulous quirky places whilst filming for our current competition.
These properties, and 2 others which I will write about soon, are offering great prizes so you can experience them for yourself (dont forget to sign up to have a chance to win!) and are based in the South-East of England. It was so much fun visiting them and meeting the property owners. 

555 image 1Hi all, Charlotte again!

We visited two more places when doing our filming trip for the Autumn competition that I want to tell you about. 

Belle Tout Lighthouse near Eastbourne - this is another of the competition prize stays we are offering in the competition - you can sign up now for a chance to win HERE
Set against a draw dropping background of steep white cliffs, the views here were some of my favourite in the county. Unfortunately, we weren't able to get in to have a look at the property as it was fully occupied, but I can only imagine the stunning views from inside that would make any stay here truly memorable. Just look at the photos!

sofa42Humble Bee isn't just any old couples getaway. This place has been designed and created by an artist making for a unique stay. Yvette has a beautiful space full of tall trees, mossy greenery and the sounds of a running stream and birds to accompany it. And here is where she has built this unique beehive property for couples to get away from their regular lives and experience the warm glow of being together somewhere different.




Being a hive shape, a tall building with not a lot of windows, you really are hidden away together. Either you can cosy up in the suspended bed at the top, or sit by the fire in the middle or descend to the kitchen and bathroom space, fling open the doors and be out on the decking wrapped up in the great outdoors. Out of the back door you will find your very own thermal bath (for 2) seemingly formed as part of the rocks behind.