happiness is a hot tub Edited

In this blog we wanted to think about why it is that hot-tubs evoke such a feeling of relaxation and why they are so good for us…

Is it the warmth of the water, the feeling of the bubbles around you or just maybe that is simulates the feeling of being back in the womb? 

One thing I know for sure is that as well as being extremely calming hot tubs also offer great health benefits! It is no wonder that they are now making an appearance at many glamping sites and even in people’s back gardens! I wanted to find out more about why exactly they are good for us and found out the following amazing health benefits! 

GLAMPING Glamorous Camping

Lockdown - it sounds like a scary word signifying enforcement, lack of freedom, no choice to choose...but the reality is that many people are making the most of it by spending quality time with their loved ones and catching up with things that have been put on that “one day” list! 

However the sad truth is that there are many elderly people who live alone and who at this time may not only be too afraid to venture out, due to worries about catching the virus, but who may also be missing their daily/weekly visits from their children and grandchildren. 

dorothyredshoesAre you bored of being at home? Are the kids driving you mad with their questions? Are you constantly daydreaming about being somewhere else? If so we can help! Simply read on for some great ways to travel the world from the comfort of your sofa (or bed) during this unsettling time. 

If you could be like Dorothy and click your sparkly red heels together, where would your place of choice be? Would you prefer the warm shores of Europe or the snow capped mountains of Canada?  I can’t promise you either of those, but what I can promise is that the following websites will have you inspired and at least aww-ing at the cute animals! 

 methode sundaytimes prod web bin 046e7564 683c 11ea bde1 9f5d6ba18b59The Corona Virus….3 months ago we had never heard of it, now it seems we can’t get away from it. Although it is good to stay in the know, it is also important to disconnect from your TV, PC or tablet once in a while.

The reason for this is that sometimes too much information can cause unnecessary anxiety and stress. So here at QA we thought we would take a moment to talk about activities you can enjoy in this period of unease. 

(Note that Jess and I are in Spain and so have been on shutdown for almost 2 weeks at time of writing this post. So we have had time to put these into practise already.)