Hi, I'm Jess, CEO and founder of QuirkyAccom. After a drought in travel and quirky stays this winter, I was finally set for a UK mini jaunt and the Merry Harriers Shepherds Huts were my first stop.

We approached through country lanes in a downpour - overhanging trees from either side dropping thuds of water on the windscreen, drowning the "summer" day. But it kindly stopped as we pulled up at the Merry Harriers and the sun broke through as we settled in for our shepherd's hut stay and revealed the pond surrounded by lush greenery as our view.

IMG 20210612 WA0006I'm Jess, the founder of QuirkyAccom and a lover of adventure. Anything that gets me out of the house and closer to nature - and staying in unusual places is most definitely part of that.

My passion for travel has been restricted (like everyones) due to covid - but it has reinforced my love of the great outdoors, hiking and visiting places off the beaten path. You don't need to get far from home to feel rejuvenated!

When restrictions have allowed it I have managed to get away locally for nights away in the mountains inland from the Costa Blanca between Valencia and Alicante (where I live). I have added a third option if you prefer to be near the sea.

All these breaks are supplemented by wonderful walking trails and views and the accommodations complimented their surroundings. I realise that for those in the UK, Spain is still out of bounds, but hopefully not for long. It is a wonderful country - the best bits are out of sight of the main tourist locations. I will at last be coming to England again soon and will post about the quirky breaks I take there.

IMG 5116 minCheck the Red / Amber / Green list of countries and how that affects testing and quarantine rules for travel before you book. The Canary Islands are due to go Green soon (they say).


The last year has been strange and difficult to say the least and barely have we had the chance to leave our own home at times, so the thought of going on holiday abroad seemed impossible. But last Autumn I saw my chance and took it! As this was followed by lockdowns, I didn't want to rub anyone's nose in it before now. So here is my belated traveller's tale. I went alone, and felt spontaneous and free (I didn't know if it was on or off until the day) and after months of working flat out without a break I savoured every second of this opportunity.

Many of us know about and love typical European foods; paella in Spain, croissants in France, pizza in Italy, but what do you know about regional food in the UK? 

Have you ever eaten saffron buns from Cornwall, cockles from London, laverbread from Wales or a deep fried mars bar from Scotland? 

We wanted to explore a little more about typical food from around the UK and to share not only our discoveries with you but which of our properties offer tasty treats for your stay! 

So whether you are looking for a nearby pub, vegan or vegetarian food or some delicious hampers of afternoon teas, we have you covered! 

Let us know on our Facebook post which local foods you love best! 


flags uk magnifying glass passport map tourism concept 116553643With holidays starting to open up in springtime, we are sure you will be looking forward to packing your suitcases and heading off for a break.

As we all know the British weather can be unreliable and unpredictable so here at QuirkyAccom we decided to round up some of the most unusual museums for you to enjoy whilst on your summer break. Museums are set to open on 17 May. Let's support them!

Whether you are visiting the South West, South East, Midlands or North of the UK, we have you covered!