So the run up to Christmas has well and truly started but as we all know, Christmas can be a stressful affair, even if it is the most wonderful time of the year! 

By the time we have to deal with organising presents, seeing family and friends as well as cooking the all important Christmas lunch, it sometimes seems that all the pressure of having a great day can actually mean that we end up feeling exhausted before the day has even started! 

So this year here at Quirky we wanted to share some words of wisdom on how to survive Christmas.  Let us know which ones are your favourite or if you have any tips that we can share on our social media pages!



image 1Never one to shy away from an adventure or a fundraiser, I was especially keen to join a Seeability challenge (formerly Royal School of the Blind) when they approached me. Although we have made donations to various charities already, and been approached by many more, this opportunity stood out as we would be guiding visually impaired people to the top of a mountain. Usually I get involved just from behind my desk, this would be far more interesting.

And so it proved to be!

I managed to rope in my colleague Liz to join me and we took weekly hikes up local mountains to prepare for our attempt to climb Mount Toubkal in Morocco at 4167m - the highest mountain in North Africa no less. There was altitude to factor in and then there was the guiding of the VIs (visually impaired) over boulders, loose rocks and icy streams. That seemed like it would be an impossible task - but that is before I met these people!

IMG 2729 1 minQA Review of THE SECRET CAMPSITE in E. Sussex

by Jess Twitchin, founder of

Bunny rabbits bounce across a wild grassy meadow with camp corners trimmed into it in a wonderfully non-regimented way. We wheelbarrowed our logs, cooking provisions, sleeping bags and few possessions over the bridge, through the campsite... drawn by a round ball high in a tree. I felt a ripple of excitement at the thought of spending the night there.

At the foot of Tree Tent we took to the wooden stairway keen to see inside. Our suspended nest had been cleverly designed with beds for 3 that unfold like petals, with comfy mattresses, around a central pole. Views from the 'windows' showcased our place amongst the branches.


3544d404a278bd6eca51c81d29f489e016209825266254West Lexham invite you to join them and  discover the incredible grounds that surround 6 magical treehouses on a private Norfolk Estate! 

Whether you’re retreating into the trees on a romantic nature  break or climbing into the canopy on a grand family  adventure, West Lexham is sure to delight and excite.

Let Rose tell you all about what makes a stay here unique:

Though there are now many exceptional Treehouses to stay in around Britain… very few are as lucky as us to have such breathtaking surroundings. In fact, it’s more than a bit of luck. Our team of gardeners work passionately to promote rich, diverse and beautiful natural habitats across all 21 acres.


1951 image 18Cruckbarn is a sophisticated barn stay for 2-5 guests where you can stargaze and get close to nature outdoors or get cosy indoors playing vinyl and letting time slow down. It would be a wonderful winter getaway this year. It is a popular place within our directory so it's good to think ahead to book a break here. Here is what the owners say about it...
A browse through our guest book here at Cruckbarn is perhaps the best way to get a feel for our largely undiscovered retreat in northern Herefordshire. 'We cooked over the open fire most nights, listening to the owls and watching satellites and shooting stars'; 'Has been nice to just escape the madness of the city and enjoy the quietness of this place'; 'Amazing to wake up in and feel the calm'; 'We have particularly enjoyed the silence'; 'Pretty much the only sounds you can hear are from the sheep and local wildlife'; 'won't forget waking to the sound of bird song and deer in the woods'; 'a perfect retreat from our working lives'; 'It's been great to slow life down a little'.